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These are not the feels I expect to have when playing Doom, but I'm here for it.  :)

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Yikes, I'm really sorry it took so long to reply to this after asking you to do kind of got in the way.  blech

Anyway, these are the IWADs you're using, based on those checksums:

Your filename
iwad-patches filename
doom2_1.9.wadDoom 2 1.9
doom.waddoom_ud.wadUltimate Doom (1995)
nerve.wadnerve_bfg.wadBFG Edition
plutonia.wadplutonia_1.9.wadOriginal retail box
sigil.wadn/a (not an IWAD)
Sigil 1.21
tnt.wadtnt_1.9.wadOriginal retail box

That's not the whole story, though.  For example, I have SEWERS.WAD and BETRAY.WAD which WadSmoosh does detect and use.  There's also some stuff about widescreen assets; I'm not sure if I personally care about that stuff since I'm just here for what happens after the menu, but if we're going to be pedantic about it (and I certainly have a pedantic streak :P) then I suppose it's worth bringing up.

There's a comment further down that seems to be a full list of everything, that I somehow missed before; would you mind taking a quick look and confirming that this is the list of all the WAD files you need to "max out" the final output file?

The Master Levels WADs only have one version so I won't clutter up this table with them, but thanks for confirming the checksums.  :)

This is an old post but just in case anybody else winds up here:

Loading e1m4b.wad and e1m8b.wad separately (as the reply comment below this one says) will replace E1M4 and E1M8 with the new versions, and you should do that if that's what you want.  If you do this, the two WAD files aren't specific to this mod and can be downloaded from any of the usual places.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to play the original E1M4 followed by the new one, and the original E1M8 followed by the new one (so the episode now contains 11 maps total if you count the secret level), then our fearless leader here has created a special WAD to provide that behaviour; this link is to another comment on this same page with the download link:

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I realize you've kind of already covered this territory, but I've read through the entire tree of comments here and I feel really uncertain about which files I should include for an "optimal" combination.  I have at least some version of all the IWADs in question (there are multiple versions of almost all of them) but I'm not sure exactly which version of each IWAD is most desirable to create the best version of the output.

Would it be possible to create an "ideal IWAD list", based on the checksum information from these sites?

To minimize the work required on your end (which I certainly want to do), it seems like the most logical process would be for you to collect the ideal IWAD collection in a folder on your own system and then just run sha1sum (or md5sum, etc.) against them and post the checksums.  Then I can easily figure out exactly which version of each IWAD those checksums correlate to (I've already written a tool to do this, as preparation for writing this comment).

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This game looks great so far (I've played the first four levels)!  I love how clever the puzzles are already, and I'm really looking forward to seeing where you take the concept (I'm going right back in after writing this).

UPDATE: I've now finished the game, and can confirm that I did love how clever the puzzles were, and I did enjoy where you took the concept.  :)  One thing I did think was a little odd -- not wrong, but odd -- was how strict some of the platforming was in the later levels, given that up to that point Qavo had sold itself to me as a puzzle game.  In particular, I felt like the "sticky walls" when falling was probably intended to be helpful, but actually made some of the platforming harder (when I noticed it at all).  Just a thought.


There seems to be a bug with the "block mode" when using a gamepad (I'm using an XBOX 360 wireless gamepad): switching between modes is fine, but rearranging the blocks doesn't work (they either only move halfway, or all the way off the screen, and eventually you have to just restart the level).  Everything seems fine in "player mode".

(To clarify: with keyboard controls, everything is fine.  It's only when using my gamepad that I see issues.)

I may be having a similar problem (with version 1.2, downloaded/installed today); whenever the shrine raises up into the air, I drop through the floor and remain standing at the top of the ziggurat.  When it comes back down, I come back up through the floor and can walk back out.  I'm kinda assuming you want to be up there to use the scope to see something in the distance...otherwise I can't find a "gameplay" use for it (as opposed to its primary use for sightseeing).

This turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected.  :)  Two things you might want to think about for next time:

  • There's no indication that it's time to show that meddling duck who's boss once you've gotten everything
  • There's no way to quit; you have to background the game and just kill it from the OS

But of course, none of that takes away from the epic fun of running rampant through the office, destroying everything...nice job! :)

I'm getting a crash on start due to a missing file called "MSVCP140.dll". It looks like this is part of Microsoft's "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015", available for free download at <>. Can you confirm (and/or update the game to include this file in the install)?