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This game looks great so far (I've played the first four levels)!  I love how clever the puzzles are already, and I'm really looking forward to seeing where you take the concept (I'm going right back in after writing this).

UPDATE: I've now finished the game, and can confirm that I did love how clever the puzzles were, and I did enjoy where you took the concept.  :)  One thing I did think was a little odd -- not wrong, but odd -- was how strict some of the platforming was in the later levels, given that up to that point Qavo had sold itself to me as a puzzle game.  In particular, I felt like the "sticky walls" when falling was probably intended to be helpful, but actually made some of the platforming harder (when I noticed it at all).  Just a thought.


There seems to be a bug with the "block mode" when using a gamepad (I'm using an XBOX 360 wireless gamepad): switching between modes is fine, but rearranging the blocks doesn't work (they either only move halfway, or all the way off the screen, and eventually you have to just restart the level).  Everything seems fine in "player mode".

(To clarify: with keyboard controls, everything is fine.  It's only when using my gamepad that I see issues.)