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Arnav Ghatti

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Hi. I love your pixel art. Do you have any tutorials or something?

Do we HAVE to make a game with pixel art, or is it just an option?

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Source code?

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Do I HAVE to join the discord server to participate?

Thanks for the suggestion. Will do it

I know about the hit effect 😅. I started the jam a little late and I didn't have much time to fix it. Thanks for the review. I will fix it

The game concept is very good. But there are some problems - 1) The chests don't open after pressing 'Y', 2)  The title in the main menu does not suit the game's art style.

Thanks for letting me know. I will try and fix the audio problem. Also the audio is glitchy because it takes some time to come back to normal while playing in the browser.

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Thanks. And also the stars and other things in the background are just beautiful. Awesome game!!

NUI community · Created a new topic Which Game Engine?

Which game engine did you use to make this game?

Yay!! highscore - 216

I love this game

Are we free to use any game engine we are comfortable with?

I don't think it is ripped because all the art is exactly the same and it is very hard to get every detail correct from another game. Especially if you see the background and the skull after you die

Thanks, I will try😀

Hi. I liked your game. I wanted to ask how did you make the username input text box

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The theme for the Infix jam was RECREATE.


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Can you please tell how

Hi everybody. I am new to and I have uploaded my first game yesterday itself. I wanted to know whether it is possible to upload a game which can downloaded as well as played on the browser.

Same to you.....


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Awesome game man