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This game is such a gem! Wonderfully executed, peaceful and just the right bit of challenge to make you think a bit! It's also good to be played with a friend for even more fun! Don't hesitate for just 3$

You have my support! Keep it up :)

Time flew by while being immersed in AFTERLIFE. This game has the potential to become a huge hit! Worth checking it out! 

I love the floor tiles, remind me of Barcelona's

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would be cool to see some pictures or video! I am poor too in money terms

Right click on the app to open local archives and then read the "ReadMe". There it explains how to edit the settings. To close it just right click on the icon on the task bar and close window.

Hi, I've been having this problem with the software when starting it. After installing it logs me out without trouble but after closing it once, I keep seeing this issue: "Sanity check for unarchiver failed with code 3221225477. out =. err=". This turns the application in unusable because it means I have to keep reinstalling it all the time to be able to use it :/

I unistalled the application completly even erasing the roaming folders but still at reinstalling again the same thing would happen. I found this only post where the same thing happened ( but I couldn't see that a solution was reached, appart that the user said that he had some trouble with the firewall...

I attach here my log: