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The binary appears to be empty unfortunately

I like it a lot!

One change i would have made is that tiles placed have to be connected to another and within your reach. Otherwise you can put all the acid outside of the little room you built, but it's a super interesting concept

Thank you! I posted this on my twitter (somehow i forgot to before)

I'll try to put work into updating the tileset!

I should have probably mentioned it in the post, but feel free to use and edit the tileset for commercial use, just make sure to give credit.

And thanks for the suggestions, i'll try to update it!

i like the idea and the shooting is nice but i feel like the shooter guy always comes to a stop if i try running around which ends up in me dying.

Maybe instead of being dragged around, the shooter could be picked up and thrown or maybe he could fling around.

Also, maybe don't spawn the player in a spot where you can get killed. I got killed while reading the tutorial lol.

With some tweaking this could be a really fun little game, good job!

I agree with Ethan, it doesn't really fit the theme very well but it is incredibly fun to just blast zombies with the shotgun.

I would suggest maybe having like an upgrade system where you can buy weapons depending on how many zombies you kill? Because right now there's no reason not to use the shotgun.

The mechanic is nice but it's very easy to fling yourself around which can get a bit frustrating.

That one level where the skull was introduced was a little weird, not sure how you're supposed to do that other than randomly changing gravity until the skull & key aren't in sync

That being said it's fun, good job!

I like the way the bullets ricochet around, very satisfying! I did find it a little weird that the bullets moved super slow and i had a super slow fire rate.

With some tweaking this could be an awesome top down shooter

Like others have said, it doesn't really fit the theme, it looks like your standard platformer.

It's good though!

I love the idea of merging with the enemy and gaining its ability, it reminds me a lot of Kirby games!

Personally i would increase the rate at which enemies spawn + the player bullet speed but very cool overall, good job!

I like the concept and it looks nice!

I would suggest adding some walls so you can't just stand slightly off screen and farm points and also maybe make the WASD guy's cable be attached at the center of the guy instead of in front? Turning around can get you killed because the cable just moves in front of you.

I couldn't figure out the first level :(

The voice tells me to hit the orbs in the correct order and to press C to see the order but i don't know if i have to bump into them or if i have to click or hit space... none of those worked so i'm just lost now...