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thank you for playing our game <3, We spotted the game right before the end so we we'rent able to fix it, though apparently you can still finish the game if you stand on the table somehow.

Nice game, it's a cool  mechanic, and you've made all the assets ?! great job !

Saved Karl !!!

nice idea, I think the map should be a bit smaller, and the enemy should spawn more often, especially at the start where you kinda have to wait. The firecaster are great.

This surely enough was an experience, I found the secret level by accident, took me quite a bit of time to beat it. Fun game though quite difficult, it would be nice to have more control over your jump height.

Chaos was defeated, there seems to be a bug if you hover over two grass patch it doesn't show the flowers. Cool, kinda stressful, music, and a good take on the theme.

Really like the fact that the cat has 9 lives, the music had me laughing, otherwise agree with Alpha Zoo comment.

If you can, try to make your game browser playable next time, it's a fun game, and it could be even funnier with more feedback, so we can really have this feeling of destruction, nonetheless it's very impressive for a game made only in 2h30 (less than 3h !!!) 

I'm not sure I understood anything I did, but it's a very nice idea and I had never heard of this scientific "paradox", could be a very cool sci fi story.

Nice game,  really surprising, it's kinda confusing at first.

It's a great idea, just a bit hard to figure out at first, and the jump is a bit too fast too, but overall pretty cool game, even more made in so little time.

thx a lot that's very kind, Pokemon puzzle were exactly what I had in mind, I always liked them, I wasn't able to make it as puzzle-y as I wanted but glad it reminded you of them nonetheless

Wow that's the best platformer I've played this jam if not the best game, very the end is nigh-esque, the second jump is rather punishing since you keep part of the momentum of your fall, it would be very nice to have a death counter, especially for those last hard levels.

Thx for the feedback, next jam I'll try to make a much more polished game.

I support deforestation and therefore helped them in cutting the trees.

Got 115.6 ! Really fun and surprising nothing to say apart from the controller getting worse as you grow, but it could be argued that it's part of the fun of the game

Thank you for the feedback, maybe a bit janky was an understatement, I will definitely keep doing jams and hopefully improve over time

Very cool game, rather  well polished, and yeah a scoring system would be really cool, right now it's fun but there isn't any objectives

Sadly don't think I can beat the wr, nice idea, it can get kinda hard when you're followed by too many particles.

Reqlly fun, liked the second level a lot, would be nice to have a timer to show off you skill

The tornado are a bit too slow you don't really need to use them at any point, still a platformer is always fun (and even more with triple jump)

Really hard to understand how to play, but the idea is really cool and it could be very fun with less random pattern.

The camera should be a bit more zoomed in, otherwise just don't worry too much about the length, it's a very short jam the most important things are to learn and have fun.

Pretty nice game and really nice music, and why does the tree want to kill himself ?!

this is the kind of quality game I want to play.

surprisingly long game, got all 99 stars (is there a secret 100th ?), I think my biggest problem is that the wind doesn't affect much the gameplay but otherwise it's a really cool game.
ps I really like the balloon explosion.

Cool game, it would nice to have someway to see how much energy you have left

I can't launch the game, it says "failled to load mono"

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GOTY 2022,  better (and harder) than Elden Ring, got a 190. Would be very fun to show your highscore on the main page.

I'm unable to download the game, it says "cannot read property 'build' of undefined"