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are you mean

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This game would have been good if you had got some good angles this game wasn't good because it is almost worse the EA sports games this was literally kinda ok and the speed was awful i think that you could have tried harder and should have edited this therfore i didn't install the game


Ok yeah i dont know how to start it

lol, please tell me!.


It was great i couldnt figure it out very easily so good job on the this was nice it was missing a more positive approach to the story, all in all this is a awsome game

i got to level 25 thank you this is fun

This seems cool?

Oh thanks so much that helped alot i beat the game thanks you help so much

I dont know how to get out of the apartment building

when was this

irori community · Created a new topic I love the warmth

I cant wait to be serving other people right thanks for this bye!

How do i win tho???

Ok yeah this was cool ig?

is this even a game practically??

Thank you this is such a cool game thank you for making and spending time on this!!

Cool it could of been online against bots on facenook

How when i set my only cat free at the beggining do i get one back or restart?

this is fucked up

Yeah this was to hard when it got to the forest trail?

please fix i want to do a speed run

it dint work

Thanks was nice

do you like roleplay? me yes how bout you? knida you 


Luke can you make it more graphics worthy

Hello how are you??

ok let me


this is so cute thanks

Hello this is such a cool game

your so good thanks 

(sarcasm detected)