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I love this much! It's really well polished and when I was looking at what the download had, it looks like I can make a full game with pretty much just this tileset. I appreciate that you included the pallet as well, I forget to include one in mine but it makes sense that you would put it there.

I love this set! It looks like it would have potential to be used in a pretty fun puzzle game.
I noticed that in your demos you had some animations for sparks traveling through the wires, and I didn't see those in the download links. Did you forget to include those, or do we have to animate the sparks going through the wires ourselves?

This is a solo jam though, so we can't work in teams

I really appreciate the feedback. Next time I make a game I'll try and shorten bits and pieces of the dialogue where I can

Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback, I might test the game again afterwards to make sure that the speed of the cards isn't to fast

Thank you! I really appreciate this

Thank you so much!

This is honestly a really fun game. It looks good, and the concept for it is unique and interesting. It can however be a little frustrating needing to stop so often, and I do wish my sight didn't disappear the moment I moved. Maybe a fade from light to dark in a second would be a little better. I do really like it over all though, and I would probably like it even more if it wasn't restricted to web browser since I did get some lag spikes here and there

I would not have been able to guess this, I know nothing about trains so I was stuck trying to guess the code until I looked at your comment

The visuals are simple but ok and the gameplay concept seems really fun. I just wish that the triangle shield was a little larger, since I would often be off by only a small amount without enough time to react since the balls move very quickly.  It was a little frustrating, but with a few tweaks I can see it being a really fun game

Hey, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but I can't seem to control the helicopter

Sorry, I meant that like I get a wrong answer if I click another option directly after getting a pair right. The sound was just how I noticed that this was happening

This is a really fun game, I just wish I could hold down the buttons rather than needing to spam click the arrow key

Its a fun little game, but I noticed sometimes if I pick another option right after getting a pair right it'll make the wrong noise

This is such a great font, thank you for making it

I'm someone who's just started picking up game jams as hobby, so I still have a lot to learn. One thing I hope to get down this game jam though is coming up with a more unique mechanic, since the last two games I've made have been pretty basic in terms of the primary mechanic. What about you guys?

This is such a fun little game, I loved playing it. I'm shocked you could make something so polished and fun within 3 days, you got skills I dream of having one day

Good luck! I hope you can make something complex enough to make you satisfied for this game jam

Make sure you stay realistic in scope! It's easy to get out of control with the ideas you have, but just make sure you stay within what you can reasonably do within a few days at your skill level while pushing yourself. You got this, good luck!

Personally, I want to get better at developing game play. The first game I made was pretty lack luster in many aspects, but game play was definitely the biggest one. I know this is a short jam, but you can learn a lot in a short time! So, what are some things you guys want to learn or get better at for the few days this game jam is going on?

This is another thing I also learned about. The first time I had someone play my game was 2 days before the game jam was over, and by the a lot of what I had made was already set in stone. Next time I'm in a game jam I'll definitely have a few friends play my game along the way

This was my first game jam, and I feel like I learnt a lot during the two weeks that it lasted. However, I also know there is a lot that I can improve on. The biggest thing is that I want to be able to put more time and effort into developing a more unique mechanic for my game, since for this game jam I pretty much just made a simple platformer. What about you? Whats something you want to improve on for next time?

I learnt how to make a game. I've never made one before, and I haven't really worked on anything outside of my college classes, so I learnt about how to use Godot and Aesprite with a background that was only some basic programming knowledge