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yeah, I had a radeon card then I try to run GTA V it removes items, and crashes games.Get NVidia GeForce, everything there, and better texture quality.

get an NVidia GeForce card!I use Nvidia recordings, and here's my channel! Link:

Content Descriptors:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Intense Violence,   Strong Language, Use Of Drugs And Alcohol.

Story Background: Players assume the role of "Justin Grandar", an American soldier, that is being deployed in Iraq.While En Route to a destroyed Iraqi city after a terrorist strike, an Iraqi soldier shoots an RPG into the chopper, killing the pilot on impact.The chopper crashed into the sandy deserts of Iraq.Only 3 soldiers survived the crash, and they all have to figure out how to operate and survive.

Welcome to The Feed Community!By seeing this that means you clicked the link, and want to either contact us, or rate our games!

In The News: A new game is being developed by Brutallion Studios called " Gone Campin' ", it will be a combat, horror, survival, Role-Play, and adventure genre game!Description: You play as John Michison, out camping in the middle of the woods with his family.John was fishing happily by the lake one night, until he heard his wife (Amy Michison) screaming.When he got back to the campgrounds, it was too late.He only saw a figure running away in a loincloth, holding a pistol and his wife and kids..He is now on a quest to find his wife and kids, but will he survive?

Content Descriptors: Partial Nudity, Suggestive Themes, Blood, Intense Violence, Use Of Alcohol, Mild Language

Mature +17

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Hey Guys!This Update is a Happy Easter Update!If you liked the game, make sure to give us some feedback at:!Happy Easter and, Enjoy The Game!        

-Legend Games

I already have my PayPal email put in but someone bought a $5.00 game and i didn't receive any money.So please tell me how to setup a PayPal card.Thanks in advance!

psst, he doesn't talk on talks to people on facebook but you can get full game on Steam Greenlight.

Are you talking about the vehicle scripting?

What do u mean by that?Please explain. :)

Hey, uh SteelRaven7 I wanted some Unity 5 tips.(Scripting)How do I make my character enter and exit vehicles?Please reply,Thanks.:)