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Thank you for your feedback! We are currently working on improving and expanding the game! Controls included ;) !

Thank you so much!! <3 We are really thankful that you have spend your time to make a video about our game! What I can tell you, we are now working on expanding the game! We will definitely keep you updated!

Yes! We are going to expand the game! We are currently discussing how are we going to approach this. Thank You for the review, we are really glad you liked it! If we have some more information to share, we will get back to you! <3

<3 Thank you so verry much with all the otter love we have! We are now currently working on expanding the game! If we have something more to share, we will get back to you! :)

Thank you for kind words! We wanted the beam of light represent a connection between Oliver and his significant otter. But we have also seen many games with similar concept with great implementation! :D

Thank you for playing our game and taking the time to give us feedback! This really mean a lot! <3

:D We're super happy you liked it! Thank you for your feedback! <3

Thank you very much! You summarized perfectly everything that we wanted our players to experience during the gameplay!

We're glad you e-n-j-o-y-e-d it! <3

Haha! You're 100% right! Thank you so much!

Thank you for playing and streaming our game! <3 Our team were there on stream and we were so happy seeing you like what we've done!

Thank you! <3

We will keep working on it! Thank you! <3

We're glad you liked it! <3

Thank you!

You made a video about our game O.o We are so flattered! Thank you so much!!!! <3

<3 !!!

We really apprechiate it! Thank you very much for playing our game!

Thank you for kind words! I agree the game is short, but we wanted to polish it as much as we could! We will definitely expand upon this!

Thank you! :)

Thank you so much! We are pleased you like it! :)