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Wow! Nice video! We don't understand much unfortunately but we can see you were having fun! That's great! And, If I may, I would love to keep the thumbnail of your video and present it on our website as a first "Fun art?" anyone has ever done for one of our games! Thank you for making our day

Hm. I will check it out. As far as I remembered you couldn't make Mac builds on Windows. Anyway we won't release untested build of our game however we came across an opportunity to acquire a MAC machine! ;) Stay tuned!

Thank you so much! <3

We don't have a Mac currently so we can't test is unfortunately. We'll look into that and let you know if we know something!

Since you could play the game and finish it without doing any of those quests, we wanted a way to let player know there is something more.  ^ ^ Thank you for playing!

Ah, we don't have a mac to test it unfortunately. And we don't want to release not tested product. Sorry

Thank you so much! We were a team of 8, and together we've already done a few projects so it was easier to communicate and cooperate :)
Thanks for feedback on speed and playing our game! <3

Thank you for the feedback. Fetch quests were a tribute to well known mechanic in games. But are you sure you HAD TO backtrack? ;) If yes, give I encourage you to give it another try ^ ^

Great music and effects, I've found it preety difficult to learn to wall jump which I think I had to do to get past first level, but overall. Great job! Also, I would advise to put volume slider for music to easily configure it in game :)

great job on your first game! I could use some more help on what to do, but I figured it out after some time

Thank you for the kind words! We are planning to fix some things and polish it further, but the main focus for our team is our other project (which also has his beginning in game jam ;) You can check out our second game - Significant Otter). Maybe after that we will take a look at our little Fox?

Nice! Thank you so much! <3 We love cute things! 

We've just realized we've missed a perfect opportunity to respond:
"You're breathtaking!"
... Shame on us. :D

Thank you! We worked hard and seeing people enjoy it is really great! 

Thank you! I love your profile picture <3

Wow. Thanks for feedback! :) With the theme it's not only the ending. Without spoiling for others, you could finish the game without much effort :) you probably assumed you have to do something to progress ;p which was 100% our intention! Thanks for playing!

Yeah, the running is preety slow, we agree. Thanks for playing! Have you got all of the achievements? ;)

You're amazing! <3 Thank you!

Hey! Thank you for playing! I've already checked out your game :) I liked the expressions on ball faces :D

We do agree that the walking is a bit slow. Thanks for feedback and playing our game!

We actually have a system for that! I guess it didn't make it to final build (our bad :( ) Thank you for feedback! :)

Puns and cute animals. We love both! Thank you for playing :D

Thank you! Our artists are flattered :)

And you loved it! <3 Thank you for playing ^ ^

The concept and artwork are great :) Really fun game!

Really unique idea, love it! Looking forward for the polished version :)

Love the narration. The game was really fun to play! 

The setting is stunning! Unfortunately it was a little bit hard for me to understand what to do next but great job overall!

Nice plot twist! Simple but challenging game :) 

Amazing art style and game design!
I only had a problem with controls (jump button close to action button)  and didn't find a way to charge my skill. 

Narration was really good! I also loved art style of the character.

Nice design. Dark rooms, voices and moving furniture were a great addition to the horror theme :) 

Thank you so much! :) For playing and for feedback!

Our composer really did a great job! Please check out more of his work (link in the game :))! Thank you for playing

:D Thank you for playing! There is a hedgehog somewhere in the world. Maybe he could help you with it ;P

I really like the effects when you go in and out of battle!

hehe, i liked like you can walk on spikes or other things like that/. that was our first idea to be honest :)

I loved it! The cutscenes, music, and double plottwist :D great job!

Nice first game! I love the menu animations and face expressions on those balls. Of course I got caught on Play / Quit thing :D