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Interesting game! I also like the reloading mechanism.

Nice work!

Fun game, I liked the dark atmosphere.

Nice game!

Fun game! 


Ahh oke

Sounds like you are #1 on the leaderboard!

Fun game! Loved the art and music. But I don't really understand when I die, something like a health bar would be nice. Nice job!

Nice game! I played it but after wave 2 or 3 I just got stuck as a mimic without the possibility to start the next wave. Still fun!


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Thank you! I also appreciate the feedback. I should have changed the naming indeed, but for alternative weapons and a change system. I didn't have enough time left.

haha, still a very good game.

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Thanks, man! I know you will make one too! 

I had no time left to create a better wave system. But I'm working on a full and improved version.

My friend and I just beat the game, with infinite towers with this bug.

Thanks for playing! Yes, I found that out too. That bug comes from using the keys while the mouse is already on the previously placed tower. Lucky you!

I like the idea! Well polished and fun game.

I was indeed going for a high score tower defense like idea during development, cause jam players wont play for too long.

Fun and creative game! I submitted 5 jams but gave up the 6th for my fingers.

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Thanks! I will keep that in mind for other jams, thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing! You're right about the stats, just did not think about that. 

Fun little game! I like the idea.

Yeah a bit too difficult indeed, thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

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Thanks!!  I was having some trouble balancing in this short time. Should have made it easier indeed. (with a few plays you understand the strategy eventually)

Thanks!  Glad that you liked it.

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Thanks for playing, I should have made the game a bit more balanced indeed

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I reached wave 24

No problem, already made some.

Are the UI assets als in this pack?

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Nice work, I completed the levels and they are fun to play. Maybe you should let the player spawn safe, but that is my opinion.

Fun game! Well polished.

Nice work! The art looks nice.

Thanks for playing!

Well made! The game is fun to play and has simple, yet great-looking art. The effects make the gameplay even better.

;) omw to your game

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Nice work! The gameplay is fun and the art looks very clean. I agree with Knight-fall on the speed, the game starts a little bit fast.

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Nice work! Pretty challenging to get the rocket in the right direction. It becomes easier if you camp under the device in the corner ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed the gameplay. I also enjoyed the music while testing the game :)

Nice work! I used your art in a 3-hour game jam (Trijam-207). I gave you credit for the art. I modified some tiles a bit to suit my game.