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Nope, I prefer to leave the presentation as is :) Hoping that Godot will provide support on that because the way the music works is really promising. As for the extra item, yeah that is a card that is not matching but doesn't hinder my gameplay so still all good! :)

Thanks for the feedback! :) I think there should be a guided tutorial or the first level should be a guided tutorial to make it easier to play which I wasn't able to create due to lack of time but still thanks for pointing that out. :D 

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the goal is to actually remove the items in the house hahaha. I think level 3 introduced the part where there are two exits but, I forgot to place the robot in the middle :'(  The back and forth movement is part of my main intention for the game to let the player strategize to know the fastest way to get the items but can probably improve this part :D 

The concept is promising but the controls are a little bit hard to get used to (was able to reach level 4 though hahahaha). Probably to balance the game out, it would be great if the battery consumption has higher value to bring in some extra energy for mistakes. :)

A really clever way of implementing the theme for the game jam! I also like that there is a tutorial section and the list of mutations.  I also like the upgrades, though the 50% enemies looks like only few are removed or maybe because I didn't notice their removal (an animation of them exploding would be great :) ) I would love to see some more variation on how the paramecia and enemies look like, good job!

The game is good and the way the theme is implemented also worked. Would be better if the music chosen is a bit more horrifying/eerie to match the darkness and the mood of the game. Still, great job!

The skip level is really helpful for me hahahaha It really took me some time to solve the puzzles hahaha. Awesome game! Good job!

I think I wasn't able to hear the music :( I even retried or maybe my earphones are not working properly hahaha. Would love to see more soon! 

RIP Checkmate after wave 9. This is a really good concept and this is the first time I see a chess being used like a street fighter 3d or a fighting game. A really clever idea and I love it! The music is also great and the sfx when a hit is successful is amazing + the special effects. Just wow! Though I'm not sure the connection to the theme but nevertheless, this game really delivered. Would really love to see more improvement + moves + combinations + limit on special attack to avoid overspamming abilities and keys hahahaha. (I almost reached the sky while fighting that horse lol)

I hope this will not be my case on my way to work hahaha and imagine exploding if I am not able to download the file + not reach the work lol. A really fun concept but the controls are a little bit hard/too sensitive for me, but still manageable. I agree with MisterMast the it is a lot harder as level progresses that it is almost impossible. Probably balancing some more time like adding +10 seconds or 20 seconds to give extra time or pick-ups along the way to extend time/deadline (calling the boss lol) or tell the friend to slow down. I can see further developments but this one is a great concept for me! Good job!

Cool simple concept of connecting the plugs to the socket! Not bad for a first game jam. Some feedback could probably add a health bar for both the players and the enemies so that I can determine if I am near to death or the enemy is near to die. This will give some player feedback on what is happening or am I shooting properly or not. :) Still, a good job!

The concept is great and the art is so simple but good. One thing is probably the level design where it is whole track dependent instead of focusing on redirecting the train itself. But still managed to get a good score of 2500+ lol I hope train companies don't have to sacrifice trains for profit hahaahha. Good job!

I made it to the connecting flight!!! Hahahaha This is a fun game for me. Was able to complete it after two tries. I really like the fish models- looks like other characters from spongebob hahaha. I also love that the music is getting faster and faster as time reaches zero. Would really love to see some more animations but I guess the time wasn't able to permit you. Still, this is a really great game and I enjoyed it!

I initially thought this is a dating game hahaha. I love how the music is incorporated in this game but would love to have it in succession/new instruments will play after each match/selection. At least I finished the game and matched all the items at the end (with extra pieces). Still, a good game for me! :)

The concept is simple and it still worked! I love the simplistic style/assets and it seems that it is a Japanese themed play area. Would really love to hear at least japanese music while exploring the area to make it relaxing somehow :) The play area is a little bit big or the point of interests are a bit scattered but I won't notice it if a music is playing.  But still, was able to complete the game. Good job!

80% correct YEEEEEEES! I really love this game. Took me like 15 minutes to play and I'm enjoying trying to translate. I still don't get all but still a good first try for me! Awesome game and would like to see more planets with other translations + clues around. It would be great if the original words will still appear below the translated one just like the one below for example. But still, a great game!

Thank you!!! Hahahahaha it's great to see that you are somehow challenged and trying to memorize where everything is hahaha.

I really love the game design and the premise of the game! It is fun rushing the merges so that the corruption will not keep up. The music is also good and it fits the theme of the game. This feels like the 2048 game but with buildings and corruption ongoing. Probably a really great innovation if that is the goal. Speaking of the goal, I'm not sure what the main goal is like do I have to turn everything to palace or get rid of corruption or something. But still, I really enjoyed it, would love it to expand further! And I got at least 250 points lel.

A really awesome and relaxing game. I'm a lover of some puzzle games and this is so great. The music is S+ and it is so relaxing even if I wanted to drop the boxes everywhere if I can't solve the puzzle hahahaha. I also love the minimalistic design and isometric design but I struggled at first while trying to control it and then got used to it after. Another thing is that, it would be great if there is a quick restart (unless I missed it in the description after reading it) so that I can reset the level instead of letting the blocks fall. All in all, great game to play for at least 10 minutes (yes, I spent a lot of time to finish the syncing of blocks/finish the puzzle lol)

Ohhh a Math game! I was able to reach at least almost the end of Level 2. That really tested both my basic Math and eye sight hahahaha. I really love it! I hope I can adjust the sounds though but still a clever game for some relaxing and challenging math :D 

This is so great! I love how the the low poly assets are assembled in the scene. One feedback though for that is probably you can delete some files/assets not used due to the large file size hahaha. Though this is somehow expected in these kind of games. Good work!

Thank you very much for that comprehensive feedback. There can be lots of stuff to be improved as far as I can see and I agree that it is punishing to go back to detective mode. Will implement checkpoints next time :) The map became too large due to the reference I used but I should've chose a small one but managed to finish it somehow :) I adjusted also the assets and the character models to make it fit so thank you for that compliment :) Hopefully I can further update the game :D 

Thank you for the feedback. Yeah, I should've invested on a reference map that is a bit small :) There might be other features not just only interacting with the objects that I'm planning and hoping to expand the game :)

Thank you for the feedback! That was my original plan have the poi move while you are moving but lost time to implement that and probably I still need to study that live update in maps :) 

Thanks for the feedback. The reference material for the level is a huge map and it is too late for me to notice that the area is mirrored therefore the left portion is the same as the right portion of the map. Probably once the game expanded, the crime story can be implemented :) Probably due to the lack of time, and due to the size of the area, I focused on the core mechanics first :) Thank you for the suggestion as well.

Thanks for the feedback. I think this one is related to one of the recent comments. Probably I can do this on the expansion of the game like adding more stories behind the crime or other features. Was also planning for avoiding the police features but yeah, the game probably can still be expandable. :)

HAHAHAHA That is a really weird but funny bird lol. The way it flies and falls is so great hahaha. Good job on the game!

Thank you for the feedback. I agree on adding more interactions with the player :) I'll be working on improving UI elements to make it more interactive. As for the game play, it might seem to look repetitive but I will definitely expand and explore more possibilities for the game. Thank you! :D

Ah, now I see. I didn't notice that until now. Now it makes the gameplay even better hahahaha.

This is a cool action shooting slashing game! hahahaha One thing probably is to smoothen the camera movements because it feels like there is a sharp movement of the mouse. The 3d models are so cool and surprised that you made all of them from scratch in just a week. All in all, great game, good job! :)

Hahahaha this feels somehow similar to mine but this one is spot the difference. Mine is simply remember the items. This is a cool game and the music is relaxing. Good job!

Yeah, I tried the four directions. Got a progress once after trying it again then went back to the first seed lol. So need to find the other one again hahaha.

A fellow 3d game dev hahaha. Good job on the game. I'm a little bit lost on what am I going to consider as progression and I think I've been around the same area for almost 10 minutes nothing new happening except the skeletons or maybe I'm just poor at exploration. The camera clips the skeleton at a certain distance which is not equal to the light range of the player. This can cause confusion because something might be hitting the player but they can't see the whole enemy.

Still a great game.

It is an interesting story game, but would love to have multiple choices instead of just a "Yes" or "No". From there, you can use the other stats below with the goal of not reaching any of the stats to 0. There might be games like that but, you can definitely implement this story to that kind of game probably with an additional unique twists. Still a good job for finishing the game! :)

I agree with the mother that the little sweetie is so cute! hahahaha It's weird though that in dual screens, the game can't be move or the game is placed in a weird way so I have to play it in 3/4 of my screen. But still, a nice game and I love the pixel art. Initially I thought that we have the same concept because of the rooms and stuff but during the gameplay, it is different hahaha. Anyways, good job on the game. 

Good job on the game! Looks like another game that made my brain be fried hahahaha. Some words are really tricky like, "I just selected this one" not knowing that a new wrong spelling is there. I agree with the others, the UI can be improved further and the music stopped in 1 loop. If you're going to expand the game, it will be great if instead of 2 words, the number of words to check is increasing :) All in all, great job, I love it!

This is a cool game! I really enjoyed to play as a ghost and try to scare away those shoppers lol. I would really love to see more items to be used for scaring hahaha. This is so great oh and the music too, feels like I am really in a shopping mall. Great job!

Hahahaha you got me there on clicking the play button. I was like, is it possible to play this game or is it the real game until I click those text lol. The main gameplay is great but not sure why the sounds appeared in the second level instead of the first. But still, the graphics are still great even if it is a cube hahaha. Good job!

Cute little sheeps hahaha. There are some instances when the ghosts are catching me even if I am 2 blocks away unless it is intended. And even some are teleporting. But that is just minor one. Good job! :)

A really cute game! :) Simple but cute.