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Just tested it... Turns out the time going crazy fast WAS a glitch in the original version. I guess I forgot about that. I did make this a year ago. If you play the newest version (v1.4), the time will go by at a much more reasonable speed.

Honestly I should take those old versions down, but I leave them up since they are the versions that were completed in the one week time limit.

Thank you again for even playing my game at all, and including it in your video! Best of luck to you and your channel!

Also, I believe you downloaded the original version of the game. Since the initial version released, I've fixed some bugs like the sound it makes when you hoe the ground. The time going CRAZY FAST like it did for you was never a glitch though so I have no idea what that was about.

I hope you are able to play the newest version of the game sometime and hopefully NOT have the weird time glitch!

I don't mind at all, I really appreciate it! I have NO IDEA why the time was going by so quickly in your game, though. It is NOT supposed to go by nearly that fast. It is supposed to be a relaxing game. I'm sorry you weren't able to experience the game the way it was meant to be.

Despite that weird glitch, I really enjoyed the video. You reading the comments about the feast at the end cracked me up 😂

Thanks again for playing my game!

Thank you! Thanks for hosting a jam with such a fun theme!

Yes I wanted to give controls but didn't have time. I'll upload a newer version here soon with a text file with all the controls, and I'll put them on my game page. Thank you for the positive comments! And yes, there were many late nights and one all-nighter as well so I really abused myself putting this together. There's also quite a few bugs lol but I'm trying to fix a few of the more game-breaking ones asap. Thanks again for your comment!

I like the music and the rainbow scooter XD It's very hard and I couldn't make it to the end, but I enjoyed it a lot. At first I thought the temp number was saying it was 64 degrees Celsius outside and I was shocked at how the pizza deliverer was even alive 😂

Very cute and fun little arcade-y game! I like the simple style a ton and I would LOVE to see that style be used to make a little adventure game with little characters to talk to and whatnot.

Absolutely love the visuals! It made me wish the game was a little metroidvania adventure. Very difficult, though, daggum XD I feel like if the whole game slowed down just a little bit, it would be perfect for me.

I liked trying to get used to the timing. It made me think of some Legend of Zelda fights when you have to time your attack to hit the magic ball back at Ganondorf, if you're familiar. I like the text in the game! It looked kinda like it was written in crayon by a child. Very cute style.

The game was pretty easy but it was really fun anyway! It's like those simple app games that don't challenge you to much, they're just naturally fun. Nailed the theme right on the head! I liked when more than one ball was introduced!

Thank you! That's an impressive score for soloing it 😂 Hopefully you can try it with a friend sometime too!

Thank you! The monkeys are heavily inspired by the Yoshi's Island (SNES) monkeys 🐵

Thank you so much! Hopefully you can play it with someone sometime and get the intended experience :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it and got to play with a friend! It seems a lot of people don't happen to have someone around at the time of playing and are having to solo it, which is much harder and a bit less fun in my opinion

Thank you so much! I'm glad the jumping felt right

Fun! I hope you add more levels!

At first I was like "dang this ball is moving slow" but then I let it roll over the corner of the player and jumped and I sent it flying and I almost overshot the net XD

Very challenging and hard to control and very addicting! I eventually got the hang of it and got a score of 72! I don't know how good that is but I sure had fun!

The visuals are great and so are the windy night air and helicopter sounds! The game does feel a little slow but there's still quite a challenge to it, and I like it. When I first dropped the bomb, I was really hoping or a big explosion XD but I know there was limited time. Maybe a flash of white over the screen or something would be cool! If you plan on updating it.

Hopefully this can help:

For anyone that can't/doesn't know how to run this game:

A .rar file type is like a .zip file type. You have to "extract" the compressed content. You may have to get some kind of program to do it. Free stuff is available somewhere I'm sure.

Very fun! I'd enjoy playing something like this on a phone or tablet a lot.

MWAHAHAAA I'll never tell! Just kidding, for a while I got the ball to bounce straight up and down which is where MOST of those points came from 😂

Awesome style!  It's got a Halloween spookiness to it. I ended up collecting 359 souls. Fun!

By not collecting souls, I made a protective barrier around me! Mwahahaa! 

This would be really fun to play on a phone or tablet! I like the pixel-y gym background

28380! My score :D Really fun game!

Fun! Great movement animation for both the cube and the ball, also the score and the bounce! I got a high score of 49!

Awesome! Fun and challenging! I truly felt motivated to play to the end even though I kept dying XD

My favorite strategy was to just go as fast as I could, trying to time my jumps and double jumps just right so that I'd land with the wheel down so I could jump again. I beat a couple portions like that but it wasn't really the best strategy 😅

Well that sounds pretty frustrating. That's okay, no worries.

I like the skeletons just fine, but I agree and think low-poly, retro looking enemies would be great! Especially given the look and feel of your game. The simple style is aesthetically pleasing and fun and a good look and having things that don't quite fit into that style, like the skeletons, might be a little "messy" looking. They fit just fine, but I do like what you have in mind better.

I sure hope there's no virus attached to my game 😅 I'm sorry to here that, though. You can't click like "see details" or whatever and then select "download anyway"? I've had to do that a couple times for these games but I'm not sure your issue is the same as mine

Very very hard but I like the challenge! XD My high score is 6 so far.

I love the visuals. Very colorful and cute. The little white ring indicating an enemy is about to attack AND the screenshake were excellent touches! Good music and sound effects as well. I lasted for 1:09. I found it easier when I didn't focus on stunning enemies and only tried to keep the egg balanced XD Great game!

I love the weird water physics XD and I enjoy doing the infini-jump by jumping off of your own water! Fun!

I really like this game! I like trying to situate the boxes better so that I can stack them better. My best is 15 boxes! One issue I had though is that sometimes, rarely and seemingly randomly, when I'd press the button for a box, a two boxes would fall out of two different pipes at the same time and it seemed impossible to catch both.

I love the little characters and I enjoy playing with the physics!

I found one bug where if the egg rolls off the screen, it won't break or restart the level. I just sit in the level playing with the boxes XD

I like the concept and I like launching the pizza. The only issue I had was that when I press "restart" the game doesn't work. People don't walk in and there's no pizza, so I have to refresh the page. I hope this game gets some updates because I like the idea!

Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Nice score!

I'm glad you recognized them! Yeah they're very similar to the original 😅