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Nevermind, Figured out Blender. Thanks! Is there plans to allow us to export colored models?

Ok, so i was trying to export my painting designs made in asset forge. That sucks. 2 things, 1; Whats the best tool i can use to PAINT my designs and export to OBJ? tried blender but wont work. and 2: How do i import textures in forge? dont see an option nor does drag n drop work. If i can find a good tool i can color my designs in that would be good enough for me.

No matter what i design, when i export an OBJ or FBX file, Textures i made are nowhere to be found. When exporting an FBX, i see the Textures folder get created but its empty. And when its an OBJ, it only gives the OBJ and MTL file. Am i missing something?

I'm actually more scared of the Chef than Viktor ;-;

If you go to the game jams main page, it SHOULD say "Leave Jam" or something like that. If it doesn't, then hit enter jam. If it does say leave, then you're officially registered.

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The game jam game you submit MUST be made with Buildbox software, if that's what you mean. they have a $15 package you could get for the jam, and if you win, you get it all free for life. And its super easy to learn fast. Just hit their YouTube page and within hours you will know enough to be able to compete!

Then if you win, You get it all FREE for life!

They have $15 package that only limits how many worlds/scenes you can have. Which they already confirmed is acceptable. Imagine, pay $15 then win all of it for life....for free. W00t!

So making it "Hyper Casual art with a twist" is ok!