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Edit:I guess you found another teamate.Anyways good luck.

Hello i also use Unity ,it would be nice to be in a team for once.My time zone is GMT+3.This is my 4th jam but i am not that good.I would be glad to join your team.

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Hello Prakul2006,this is my 4th jam.I have  not been in a team at a gameJam before.I use Unity Engine but i am not that good.My time zone is GMT +3.

I would like to join your team.

What type of game do you plan to make?

Edit:Its a day before the jam and you have not replied yet so i will try to find another team.Gl HF

Good Luck Bro!!!Thanks for your participation!

Good point.I changed the goal of the game at the last minute so some game design elements  do not make sense

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately the lights are random

I can see your point about the theme.Thanks for the Feedback

Thank you for playing my game.

I Realy appreciate it.

I thought the game might suffer from the opposite problem thought.How far did you go? 

Best game i played so far.The limited vision is a briliant design idea

I don't mind.Thank you for playing JumpCurse.I am on vacation so I too reply very late

 It's the first time I made  music for a game and I didnt have experience.I will try to improve it.Hope to see you on the next jam!!

Thanks , i appreciate a lot the details of your review!!

-When the player jumps I decreased  the speed of the player a bit so you don't have much control while in air ,I think that gave you the feeling of rewinding faster.

-It never occurred to me that the game may be difficult

When I was playtesting it with my friends every one could beat it in around 10 minutes.However the jump after the second coin, they did find it tricky.I chose to leave it in the game because when I asked them in the end they told me it was their favourite.But just to be sure I added a hint if you died 4 times And I put a checkpoint before the jump

I don't know why the checkpoints didn't work 

Anyways, for the next jam I should focus a bit more on  level design because the difficulty was unintended

Again thank you for playing my game,and I am sorry for not being able to play yours 

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Hey man I am on vacation so I can not play your game  rn.It would be great if you give some feedback to my game tho.(if you are not exhausted with all that rating)Anyways have a good time

In my game every time you jump time is reminded hope you enjoy:


Nice game but i didnt get the joke:D

i enjoyed it though

Sorry for not so detailed review but i am rating games all day

Just Rated

Nice Game only complain is the control sceme is a bit weird (But i guess that is very easy to change)

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Thank you, I hope you are enjoying the jam

Just Rated 

If i undersand correctly its a memory game that you have to remember how the sticks fall so you will not move other sticks

I think it lacks a bit on the fun department because it feels a bit random when you beat a level

Anyways good luck to your next projects i hope you enjoyed /enjoy the jam


The graphics were on another level (means really good)

and one of the few games on the jam that had such an interesting plot

I played for 20 minutes but i didnt find the last clue, i will play more later 

I will maybe suggest it to one of my friends who likes that kind of games so  i will definitely keep it on my pc

Maybe you should add a main theme i think that part was lacking a bit

Good luck on your next projects

will start playing now i will be back soon

Legit i got scared in the end!!

if you have time can you rate mine?

I Rated it !!

Hope you had fun making it

here is mine:


Unique idea ,good visuals and audio


Good concept

The only complain i have is when you fall down the player is killed a bit before you touch the ground and is hard to time it with the rewind mechanic

If you have time dont forget to rate my game


The Audio was so satisfying

Great level design too

Also thank you for rating my game


-The art  style you picked was very nice  and the music too!

It would be appreciated if you found time to rate my game:)

good luck to your future projects

Rated sorry for the wait i have a lot of games to play/

Your game is very professional made and i lost my sense of time while playing,it was very enjoyable continue making projects like this

Thanks for your reply i have found this tutorial it helped me (after the jam ended):

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Fun but the jump feels a bit unresponsive ,somes time when i you run near the edge it does not jump.My game suffers from that thats why i noticed it.

Good luck to your future projects

A question how did you upload the gif mine is bellow 3mb and it wont upload?

Omg this is one of the best games i played so far the idea is great i loved it !!!Had lots of fun,5 stars for you(i think i put a 4 too but its average right?)keep up

Ohhh thanks 


Nice concept and music  also yeah it fooled me:d 

Good tutorial but i didnt understand how to pick  blocks

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Here is my game:

If you have any suggestions post them on my page

Also post your game so i can rate it too!!

Edit:I tried rating as many games as i can today . Tomorow i will  leave for summer vacation and where i am going will not have internet   so i wont be able to rate more games ,i hope you understand . Good luck

oh i thought it was intentional i have not encountered that problem before.

Do you mind checking my game?

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Here i hope you have fun :

There are so many nice games ,congratulations Jammers!!!

Rated your game

 I liked the music 

I would want a bit more gameplay

Here is my game:

Played for about 10 minutes i could not find what i am supposed to do(I am not the brightest)

Can you help me a bit? Because i dont want to rate sth without having a full picture.

Anyways Keep up developing games and have fun.Best luck

Loved the game had a lot of fun playing!!!

The only thing i had a "problem"with is that you must hold the button not just press it,i needed like 2 minutes to figure how to move(That can be on me tho)

Keep up the good work

Looking forward

Thats why i like game jams so much cause you learn a lot of things you would not normaly try and you have a finished project in the end.

Good luck

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Relax,  people here are very friendly so if you run into  a problem you can always ask.Also one thing i learned from my first jam is dont judge other's games too hard and make sure too boost their confidence.