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Hi Ivan, I clicked on downloads and I couldn't find the Steam password, please email me:

Don't forget to add HGVs (SS-19 mod 4 avanguard), new ICBMs (RS-28, RS-26, DF-41a, DF-5c), and medium and short range missiles (DF-11, DF-15, DF-16, Familia Iskander and Scud, and Iranian missiles maybe orgies with chemists. Congratulations on your work. In detail and simulation this game is excellent.

I have this problem too
When I go to play on the notebook that has a smaller screen than the desktop computer, the other features are missing, due to the smaller screen.

Can I create my own ICBMS?  Warheads, trajectory, range and altitude?  And the next update comes this Saturday?

Is there an update coming?  I look forward to playing that masterpiece.  

How to make minuteman fly low like in the scenario that comes in the game?  

New ICBM's Tips: 

Russian: RS-28, RS-26 Aganguard.

China: DF-41a

Índia: AGNI  IV, V, VI.

Sorry if I'm annoying you with so much question.

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Como obtenho a atualização mais recente do jogo? Eu sou novo neste site.

O que devo fazer para obter a atualização mais recente?

Will I have access to upcoming future updates?

One of the best Indie Games, I could make Yandere Run for about 5 seconds. Increasing Yandere's aggressiveness would be great.