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Hi, im not in this jam, but i was wondering, the cart shape being similar to a triceratops head is intentional? In that case: Wow thats fcking awesome as well as smooth

Anyway, the art is amazing, I instantly loved the concept

Ooooh i get it, it happends to the best of us, dont worry  hahahaha

Really fun gameplay, with some juicynees added it would be a hit! Great art style 

WOW, that was... unexpected. Really really cool art style, its a pity that it was a bit laggy. It is confusing using the left shift, the player starts to spin and i didnt get the point of that, but overall fun experience! 

Well done! It kept me playing for a while just to see what king of cards could i get.

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Really really fun, even having a simple art it was charming as well as the music. Nice work!! 5 stars rating with no doubt!

Nice work! The graphic style is great. Would love to play a full game.

Nice game man! Real issac vibes hahahah. I love the crawler's walking animation, and the idea of using the cards only for the floor you are in that moment is refreshing! The only downside is that the web game was a bit buggy in my pc so i had to download it, also when a got to the 3rd floot trapdoor the game crashed :(. Overall good game, nice work!

I really like the main idea, it has a lot of potencial, it would be nice if the wall running wasnt fixed to just a few wall. Also, maybe exploring the idea of adding some kind of hook, for even more movement could be interesting. Great prototype! It remainded me of mirror's edge :P

Thanks for the comment, we will be taking care of that issues when the voting ends!

Thanks for the review, im glad you liked it! As my fellow mate said, we will be adding difficulty level when the jam ends, sorry for that :P
We really appreciate the improvement comments, so thank you for that!

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Hey! Thanks for the review, im glad you like it! It seems to be a popular opinion that it has a high difficulty, when the voting ends we will add difficulty levels so everyone can get to our pretty win screen :P
Any other improvement for the game is welcome!

In a good way of course!

Nice game, those bats are annoyiiiing. I agree with @Arrow, a few check points would be great.

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Hey, thanks for the comment bud! I do also agree with you hhahhaha, next time I'll put more effort in those areas ;)

Its AMAZING, but, how the hell did you do it????

Any game engine?? Code from scratch?? ARDUINO?!

Okay!! Thx for the feedback, by the way, there is music playing on the background and sounds, but we dont know why the sound does only play in firefox for some pcs :(

The original idea was better in our imagination haha, but thx again for the feedback. Appreciate it!!


Thx for the feedback :D

We based on his video in order to do a quick map, but we didnt "koppied" it as you say 


Oh damn thats a huge score, yeah srry about the restart thing :P

Damn, you are better than me xD

Yeah.. sorry about the controls :P.

Thaxs for the comment m8! We would love to keep working on this, and we will probably do! Maybe with some multiplayer?? Hehe 

Thanks for the feedback!!! I ran out of time to fix the control :(, the trees' masses were intended to do that hahahha.

We really apreciate it! <3

Try with this:

Or maybe you need to update unity web player. :3

Nice work! like the idea, so original!

Love this game! The sea textures, the AI, and the handling of the boat. 

I really enjoyed destroying those little boats, gj nice work!

Wow!! I like the idea and love the voices hahahah.

I would be great if the enemys didnt get stuck with the character, but great work!!

Thx man!

Nice game!! Love the way the skeletons die :D

For your next game, make sure, if something appears jumpping like the sharks, to put some kind of indicator!! 

Great Job!