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Gotten some battlers worked on, and got a mansion mini dungeon of sorts going. I'm still a ways from a new version of the demo, but I am making some manner of progress. Hopefully I'll be done with Sacred Valley revamp semi soon. Also still working on Finale art work, it's looking like we're going to have unfortunate delays in the planned schedule for the year because of hold ups on art production now.

Hey all, I thought I would start this thread over as a lot has changed in terms of my plans for this update, to the point it won't resemble its original incarnation.  Here's where we stand:

The Finale is in a good place atm for me to get it more or less complete/done within a reasonable timeframe, and I'm running out of stream topics concerning the game dev side of things, so I will be returning to public build work. That said, the Demo will be significantly cut off from the original scope. Here's what to expect with this update.

  • Storyline Polish - We're going through this story with a fine comb and greatly expanding and refining core aspects. You'll be seeing character interactions and such be tremendously improved on.
  • Area Redesign - Dungeons have felt too small and in some areas, not fully realized as intended. I'm going to try and rework a few core areas and see if we can't get it to a much higher standard. The Overworld will also be getting some tweaks and changes.
  • Core Mechanics - We'll be seeing the Combat Update fully rear its head in this update. Expect to see a lot of reworking done as time goes on. This is what we'll need a lot of help feedback wise on! Skills will be mostly unlocked via a point system, which hopefully will be expanded more really soon!
  • Scope Reduction - Chapter 2 in full will be closed off after the Amarith Boss. It's a good point to end things off. It gives people enough of an idea of what I'm aiming for without releasing too much of what is to come.

You can catch our progress on this update as we work on it on

Very very sorry for lack of updates. Things have been slow. But, I have been working- -I promise. I've been doing behind the scenes like messing with UI, cutscene art, and so on, but mostly been working on behind the scenes story and cutscenes. Wanted to make sure I got *something* out to you guys.

Before and After

Cutscene Quality Upgrades in Progress!

Death Curse and Dialogue Boxes UI Testing


New cutscene, one of three that are being added to the start of the game. They're in, but until I get the new mechanics in and stable, you won't see them in a public build. More art is underway that I will be showing you all later.

Updated cutscenes in Sacred Valley introducing Mieva, the Paladin member of the party. Really pleased with the end result.

Concept art, screenshots, and teasers/promotion art. 


Rivia Backstory

Rivia - Who I Once Was
Concept Art for Gardis Sidestory
Battlers from Chapter 3. <Obviously not saying anything ;)>

Just a general update: I'm still around, but doing mostly behind the scenes stuff at the moment, graphics and music upgrades are the current focus. I'm sorry for keeping you all out of the loop. Not sure when the next content update will be released at this stage.

Moments that are in general too good to pass up sharing. First one that comes to mind in the game was this scene where Rivia is first introduced. I greatly enjoy this new way to introduce her rather than having her stand in a corner in the inn. Greatly adds to her character and makes her more memorable right off the bat. Need more character interactions like this, something I desperately want to work on.

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A patch is being worked on that will include the following changes (note, this list will expand and be adjusted as we continue this process):

Content Updates

  • Battlers: Caldera, Belladona, Male and Female Thralls
  • Music: Implementing Sacred Valley Theme, Caldera Boss Theme 1, Hanaru Village Theme.
  • Boss Difficulty Improvements:  Fenrir, Levos will be getting difficulty increases for Iron Level adventurers around lvl 30. Deemed too easy, given the context of being boss characters. Tweaks to Calypso Boss Fight likely.
  • Story Tweaks: Changes to the intro are being worked on, looking to double check Caldera's story here and there but nothing major. Probable changes to the Calypso fight's progression.

Bugs and Issues

  • Music not implemented properly in an area that opens in Sacred Valley after Chapter 2 starts. Implemented fix in private build, needs to be shipped to public build.
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So after my devlog, I thought I would go into what some of the plans for the public demo will be. The first major thing is, polish and refinement of existing content. Some of this includes:

  • Boss Difficulty adjustments
  • Monster Difficulty adjustments
  • Battler Graphic Overhauls
  • Battleback Graphic Overhauls
  • Storyline Tweaks for various arcs

You'll see these changes over time as we slowly build on the vision of what we want out of the game. We'll continue support for these changes as development of the main game goes on, so expect a number of face lifting updates as the months go by. In particular though, we have a number of major things to watch for later down the line:

  • OST Development and Overhaul - As we're developing the game, we'll be implementing the OST as we go. We're starting from Chapter 1 and working towards Chapter 2 and up. As of this post, Hanaru Village's theme is in the works. We've a very small amount of tracks custom made so far, but that number will increase over the course of development. We'll be considering releasing the OST for Chapter 1-2 as a perk for supporting the project in the future.
  • Pixel Art Changes - This will take the longest to overhaul, for the expense involved. We're looking for Pixel Artists who can do Sprites and Tilesets. We'll be adding these graphics into the project as we are able. We're currently thinking of something like Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap in terms of graphical style.

And as for story content and side content, we'll be providing support for this for a number of months into development, so don't think that you won't get new content while you're waiting for the full game. Here's a list of what's to come.

  • Phea and Illia storylines - You'll see the unlocking of the Ancient Jungle/Oy'zara, Chopper's Bay, Ancient Coast, Frozen Tribelands, and the Ancient Desert, and meet many different unique cultures, such as the Sha'yune of Oy'zara, the pirate coalition of Chopper's Bay, the orc clans of the Desert, and the tribes that live in perpetual winter of the eastern glaciers.
  • Gardis and Mervin storylines - You'll see a greater amount of story and character growth as you gain access to the Ruins of Majoria, a once might, proud magical kingdom, the homeland of Gardis and Mervin. They'll also gain some power ups from this storyline as well. But beware - dragons are afoot!
  • Player and Companion storylines - some major backstory will be provided and much needed depth lent to the player and companion's history, even their place of origin will be accessible.
  • Side Dungeons, World Secrets, and Time Based Events - Much much later, but expect to slowly see more random events take place, lots of more in depth lore secrets hidden deep in select locations, and some neat side dungeons for extra challenge. What are these time based events? Everything from the Golden Moon challenges, to special cultural events that give the world of Oxorin more life and diversity. Sadly this fluff is going to be reserved for later once the main game is farther along.

On the whole, we've got a lot for you to come for the public demo, it will take time, but I think you'll enjoy what we've got cooking.

We're most likely to start work on the Ancient Coast and explore Gardis, Mervin, the Player, and Companion's stories first, they will take the least amount of time to implement and shouldn't take from our main game progression too much. Have something you want to see implemented? Please let us know!

Hello everyone, wanted to make a separate thread for this. I've done a few lore videos before, but I'll link just the one for now. If you guys like this sort of thing, let me know and I'll try to do more. Oh, and spoilers for the game.

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And now we're getting into Chapter 2 bosses. Ready? Here goes. I'm in the process of recording a lot of this, and the recordings will be staggered in a schedule so that the YT channel has plenty of content.

Levos (Sideboss)

Fenrir (Sideboss)

Ume'crol the Lazy (Sideboss)

Fanlor (Sideboss)

The Archmage (Sideboss)


Bismuth (Final)

Slae (First Battle)

Harpy and Naga Bosses

Ritualists Cayn and Syne

Slae (Second Encounter)

Einar & Slae (Phase 1)

Einar and Slae (Phase 2)

Einar and Slae (Phase 3)

Calypso (Phase 3)


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I didn't have a great place to put these, so I'm going to put them here - over time during the course of my testing phases, I often stream parts of the game, especially boss testing. I'm going to link all of the major story (and maybe later, optional) boss fights in the game that I record, Though some won't be added until I fix certain elements up first.

Oh, and obviously...  Spoilers.

Chapter 1 Bosses

Death Boss (Intro)

Caldera (Phase 2)

Spirit King

Cloaked Man

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The first Content Expansion for Chapter 2. This will be considered 'post' content for the Chapter, and exists in between the time Chapter 2 ends and Chapter 3 begins. As a general disclaimer, Chapter 3 will not be publicly be available. We're currently starting early brainstorming for exact details, but I have a general plan of attack. Ironing out these details however will be rather difficult, as there is a lot to cover. In general though, here's a quick run down of what you'll get in this update:

  • Calypso's Lab (Brand new Dungeon and corresponding story)
  • Seven Titan Facilities (Mini Dungeons/Dungeons) with unique themes and story elements.
  • A host of brand new monsters
  • An update to the introduction will be added prior to Chapter 2.1, featuring a few tweaks to the storytelling and adding a scene or two to the introduction.
  • More Polish in general

Thought I would introduce myself here to the general community. My name is AoDLegacy and I am a 23 (as of writing this post anyway) year old game developer who is primarily interested in fantasy stories and the telling of said stories. I love making music, art, and of course, writing. I more or less started the SR universe back in 2011 and ever since I've been expanding it like crazy. I'm fond of nature and animals, as well as people (for the most part). I hope you all enjoy my stories and my game, and hope you all have a great day. Let me know if I can be of help to you.

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These are issues we know about, check here before making a post to save time/organization.

  • System\RGSS301.dll : A bug that typically rears its head immediately upon starting the game. It's a result of not downloading the Run Time Package (RTP) for RPG Maker XP, either at all or after you've downloaded the game. The game can't tell if you have it if you downloaded the game before the RTP, and not downloading it at all means the game can't use the default graphics of the RPG Maker engine, and thus, it crashes. If you'd like to play the game, download the RTP (here). If you have the RTP but it is messed up because you downloaded it after the game, delete the game and redownload, it should work. Be sure to get the RPG Maker XP RTP and not another engine's, because they will not be compatible and the same issue will result. This bug will be with us until we can finally 100% customize the game, which will take a good long while. Fix: Achieve RTP Independence.
  • RTP Reliance - The dependence on RTP to function is a major hassle that has few relative benefits that we can see, and we're well aware of this. We will be eventually planning a complete reworking of our assets to remove the dependence our game has on this feature of RPG Maker. This will provide a short term relief while we plan the full customization of the game graphics wise. Fix: This will take a long time and we're planning on starting it after all of the main scenario is written.