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Found several major bugs in the game, patch is planned but it might take a few days to disable the in development storyline and patch the original progression up. A devlog will be released when it's ready to go.

Fighter - The most effective use of the Fighter is to utilize the Charge Blade option.

This charges your TP and grants a buff to attack and defense. This can stack, allowing the player to charge up twice and hit twice as hard as they would normally. This replaces Guard, and doubles as an aggro pull.  This allows them to serve as a tank. They are not as strong against magic so be wary.  Currently in development is a combo system that will allow the Fighter to utilize the stun of the Shield Bash skill, as well as numerous others skill types for more dynamic combat.

Ritualist - The Ritualist is fairly combo heavy, unlocking new combos is the core of improving their burst damage. Unlike most mage classes Ritualists are poor at speedy damage but rather building up ailments and dots. Their ultimate skills becomes incredibly destructive when you make proper use of the ailment multiplier that the ultimate skills utilize. For the starting rotation, Minor Curse stacks, and when you build enough tp, use Dioxios to wield maximum damage. 

The minor damage skills do not normally generate TP, making it less optimal to use pure damage skills.

More class tutorials to come.

If you would like an explanation of a certain aspect of the game please feel free to ask here!

I finally completed the big centerpiece tile project for the new dungeon.  Still work in progress elements but the dungeon is making impressive headway.

From time to time I feel the inspiration to ask the community for names for certain NPCs. This time, I have the Trainer NPCs who need some names. The order of characters are: Fighter, Striker, Mage, and Hunter. I already have an idea for the Mage, but I'll allow suggestions for him as well. I'll respond with new opportunities like this in the future. Would love your input!

Side note, Cosmos Raid will be last update before the Story Demo, no est on story demo release at this time.

oh lord in heaven the cement is gross but it was nowhere as painful as I feared. My dentists really seem to know their stuff.

Dentist appointment and possibly a rough one. No idea if I will want to game dev or just relax afterwards. An hour long but probably going to suck and feel like more.

After Zecil's latest stream I have decided to shift priority to quality of gameplay assurance and I'm spending time whacking issues on the head. Seems like bugs I thought I fixed in underworld have gone unresolved. I'll be addressing them and then working on improving the game's difficulty balance. I'm going to be possibly doing a crunch of the Player's stats in the hope of increasing difficulty by slowing down their power level.

I'll be doing a lot of monster/boss related work as well to add a lot more stuff to do, but need to make sure this quality stuff gets knocked out.

I'll be dividing this into multiple sections as this will have a lot of different boss types to find. All the same, enjoy!

Main Story



Necromancer Den 

Challenge Rating: Level 8 and no skills: Hard, may be doable with appropriate skills.

Recommended Skills: Ignis or any of the Ignis family of abilities, Glimmer, Punish, Spiritblade, Ki Strike, Blazing Impact, Searing Arrow

Loot: Phylactery (Raises Max HP, MP, and Magic Defense for 5 Turns, Restores HP and MP to full, and permanently increases max health and mp by ten points when used.)

Congrats Hawk, you've made a remarkable step that some never get to.


When updating your game, save the new version separately and copy your old save data to the new folder. Once you have verified that the save data works, it is safe to clear the old game file.

And before I forget: Doggy! :D


Been too long since we had a funny clip. ...DON'T WORRY! I got some! My fluffball causes my demise, and a boat sails on land. ...Wait wut?

Watch The Cat Drops In (And Gets Me Killed) from Aodlegacy on

Just letting you all know that I am holding off the devlog because I am hoping that I can get the base update ready tonight or in the next day or so. 

Stay tuned...

This takes the cake for one of my saddest/stupidest moments as a dev. 

Watch Death Curse Bug Fixing: I'M AN IDIOT from Aodlegacy on

Just letting you guys know that I completely blanked on the fact that it’s Friday. I will try and get the Weekly Devlog up today but I imagine it will be noon before I get it out.

Update: My checkup is going to require two separate visits one this year and one next, but the immediate future says we won't have too much to worry about in terms of interruptions quite yet.

10 - 22 -19

Health issue while grand scheme not severe has come up that may hamper progress. I'll be getting it sorted in the morning (hopefully) and we'll have to see how the rest of the day goes. Hoping to do a game dev stream but that's likely up in the air at this point. Just wanted to give a quick heads up. It may or may not impact how much progress comes up in the next Weekly Devlog, we'll see.

Underworld maps are underway. Currently building the Bone Dunes, one of several areas of the Underworld map. I'm imagining a few more maps before I am done with Bone Dunes and I start working on the areas just before Death's boss room.

Finished a WIP of the Introduction sequence of SR:MT.  More polish is required, but it's a good start. Next up is work on the Underworld Dungeon and getting its story done, leading up to the first Death boss fight.

But for now, enjoy the video!


No Weekly Devlog was done because nothing except IRL stuff was getting done. There will be one for this upcoming weekend, stuff is getting back on track.

After a stressful week with little to show for it after the patch, I'm back in the grove of things. Started work on the new intro more properly explaining the story, one of the last changes (we're cutting back on the Tech Demo ideas because we'd like to make progress on making an actual game) to the tech demo before Story Demo dev starts.

Because I have yet to show these off, these are the complete images of the Tech Demo Ending Cutscenes, hope you enjoy them, they were a lot of work to put together!

For the moment, that's all I have, but hopefully more will be on the way.

Something that we would like to see is player feedback on existing skills, but also ones that don't exist but the community would like to see. What are some of the skills you all would like to see the Fighter, Ritualist, or Paladin have? Please let us know your thoughts, we just might try them out!

Today's stream, showing a good amount of the story and how the game has come along mechanics wise.

We had lots of bugs but it's a great step toward release of the demo.

Watch SR:MT Tech Demo Playthrough 1 from Aodlegacy on

Lots done! Progression is making good strides, and we even have a good boss battle going! As you can see, the combat system is coming farther along, and all characters have custom Moghunter style battlers. We'll be working on more aspects of progression behind the scenes, while also working toward getting the demo into a much more complete state. Hope to have more stuff for you in our weekly update coming up!

Today was spent working on the new Moghunter graphics for Mieva, and it's all working now! It's definitely going to be a pain, but it will add so  much personality to the characters as they fight. Now focusing on implementing the Paladin Class, tweaking gold/job point drop rates, and probably starting Side Quest implementation to add in some additional revenue sources so it doesn't take a million years to earn your way into the other areas of the tech demo.

I'll keep you guys updated on how things are coming, I may even take some time to start drawing the next graphic set.

Still working hard, took a risk and tried designing Mieva in the Moghunter battler style. I have two more stances to sketch but so far they are looking well for art in my style. 

Also done was some custom UI elements which are still in progress but it looks good so far. I also have finished the tech demo final boss room, nothing happens in here yet, just idle npcs. 

I have also been starting monster skill and difficulty implementation, but that’s a very much WIP situation atm.

Hopefully I can make more videos showing gameplay as I get farther along, but I hope you all are enjoying my updates. I will be trying to get the first weekly update out Friday or Sunday.

Have a great day everyone!

Today’s work. The entrance to the Sacred Valley region. Before it was a empty ravine with some random bandits, but now the Bandits have a proper base, even a cave at the top of the cliffs. 

There will even be a sidequest asking you to clean house here, giving you the opportunity to earn some extra job points, gold, and exp. The Sacred Valley will be the end zone of the demo, so the difficulty will rise as you proceed into it.

Hopefully I can show you all more progress as the weeks go by. I also want to take this moment to address the new people here:

Thanks so much for taking interest in SR:MT. I am sorry for the failings of the old version, and I sincerely hope you will love this brand new version that I am oh so desperately trying to get out to you guys.

I don’t do devlogs unless I have important issues to alert you to, but you will typically find daily progress here in the community and on my Twitter. (@DracoWyrm_Media)

I figure that my policy probably hurts my visibility, so I think the next thing to do is implement the Weekly Progress Report on the Devlog. Would you all be interested in that?

Here's just a nice place to put behind the scenes stuff that shows WIPs and how things were made. To start off with, I'll show you all the process behind one of the better scenes visually I made.

Please check here for major schedule changes, as well as to gauge how far along we are in our goals.

More progress today. Classes are getting more developed with skills, job point system is in early implementation, and we're importing some old favorite monsters back into the game. Customized Fighter and Mage party art is tba. We're hoping to get a technical demo out with a simple 'story' to get people into the new systems and test mechanics out soonish, but a lot won't be idealized yet. It'll simply be a test of the game's most basic mechanics and see what people think or would like to see added on.

Right on the heels of the first update, I hoped to get some progress on combat, which I have done. Not far enough along for the demo, but I'm building up a bit more of an idea of where I want the classes to go. Here's the Ritualist and Fighter's in dev fighting mechanics in video form, with an explanation after.

Ritualists can cast quick magic, but their strongest abilities are in the form of Rituals. Rituals require setup to execute to maximum effect, Dioxios in particular in order to take maximum advantage of its damage output, needs its targets to have Minor Curse on them, or its damage will be reduced, and can only be used with TP. That said, using debuffs and other trickery is the name of the game for Ritualists, and damaging moves do not build their TP meter.

Fighters conversely tank damage while building their TP, allowing for the enemy to waste their energy (and sparing the other party members the damage), then retaliating with a variety of heavy hitting counter moves. There are a few baseline abilities, over time I will be giving them much better options in battle, including support abilities. 

So as I mentioned in my devlog, the game is being remade in MV. We're still working on core elements such as the base combat, and I've only recently started area design on the Ancient Hills. To that end, I have a video showing what the new Ancient Hills will look like in MV. Lots of work left to be done, but this is your first look.

I'm going to be making efforts on making a tech demo of sorts to give a very basic idea of combat and get initial feedback, which will replace existing the currently live download. I'd really like to ask you guys to help me out once the demo is live and give your honest feedback, and I'm hoping to greatly expand the scope of the demo after that point. Chapter 1 will be a start to a more episodic build of the SR:MT storyline, each episode being built like a separate game. We'll be thoroughly testing various options to implement this so it's relatively seamless to add new episode content to preexisting saves.

I more than realized that soundtrack aside, I'm pretty much already making a sizable game just with Chapter 1, and dividing these story segments up will greatly increase overall production and hopefully with a more focused dev cycle, quality.

Thanks to everyone who has been patient with me and supporting me in this endeavor, I hope with these changes, I can finally make something at the standards not only I can enjoy, but you as well.

If you haven't already seen my MV switch dev log, you can do so here.

Very very sorry for lack of updates. Things have been slow. But, I have been working- -I promise. I've been doing behind the scenes like messing with UI, cutscene art, and so on, but mostly been working on behind the scenes story and cutscenes. Wanted to make sure I got *something* out to you guys.

Before and After

Cutscene Quality Upgrades in Progress!

Death Curse and Dialogue Boxes UI Testing