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Hello everyone, wanted to make a separate thread for this. I've done a few lore videos before, but I'll link just the one for now. If you guys like this sort of thing, let me know and I'll try to do more. Oh, and spoilers for the game.

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And now we're getting into Chapter 2 bosses. Ready? Here goes. I'm in the process of recording a lot of this, and the recordings will be staggered in a schedule so that the YT channel has plenty of content.

Levos (Sideboss)

Fenrir (Sideboss)

Ume'crol the Lazy (Sideboss)

Fanlor (Sideboss)

The Archmage (Sideboss)


Bismuth (Final)

Slae (First Battle)

Harpy and Naga Bosses

Ritualists Cayn and Syne

Slae (Second Encounter)

Einar & Slae (Phase 1)

Einar and Slae (Phase 2)

Einar and Slae (Phase 3)

Calypso (Phase 3)


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I didn't have a great place to put these, so I'm going to put them here - over time during the course of my testing phases, I often stream parts of the game, especially boss testing. I'm going to link all of the major story (and maybe later, optional) boss fights in the game that I record, Though some won't be added until I fix certain elements up first.

Oh, and obviously...  Spoilers.

Chapter 1 Bosses

Death Boss (Intro)

Caldera (Phase 2)

Spirit King

Cloaked Man

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The first Content Expansion for Chapter 2. This will be considered 'post' content for the Chapter, and exists in between the time Chapter 2 ends and Chapter 3 begins. As a general disclaimer, Chapter 3 will not be publicly be available. We're currently starting early brainstorming for exact details, but I have a general plan of attack. Ironing out these details however will be rather difficult, as there is a lot to cover. In general though, here's a quick run down of what you'll get in this update:

  • Calypso's Lab (Brand new Dungeon and corresponding story)
  • Seven Titan Facilities (Mini Dungeons/Dungeons) with unique themes and story elements.
  • A host of brand new monsters
  • An update to the introduction will be added prior to Chapter 2.1, featuring a few tweaks to the storytelling and adding a scene or two to the introduction.
  • More Polish in general

Thought I would introduce myself here to the general community. My name is AoDLegacy and I am a 23 (as of writing this post anyway) year old game developer who is primarily interested in fantasy stories and the telling of said stories. I love making music, art, and of course, writing. I more or less started the SR universe back in 2011 and ever since I've been expanding it like crazy. I'm fond of nature and animals, as well as people (for the most part). I hope you all enjoy my stories and my game, and hope you all have a great day. Let me know if I can be of help to you.

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These are issues we know about, check here before making a post to save time/organization.

  • System\RGSS301.dll : A bug that typically rears its head immediately upon starting the game. It's a result of not downloading the Run Time Package (RTP) for RPG Maker XP, either at all or after you've downloaded the game. The game can't tell if you have it if you downloaded the game before the RTP, and not downloading it at all means the game can't use the default graphics of the RPG Maker engine, and thus, it crashes. If you'd like to play the game, download the RTP (here). If you have the RTP but it is messed up because you downloaded it after the game, delete the game and redownload, it should work. Be sure to get the RPG Maker XP RTP and not another engine's, because they will not be compatible and the same issue will result. This bug will be with us until we can finally 100% customize the game, which will take a good long while.