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Videos - Random Moments

A topic by AoDLegacy created Jul 22, 2018 Views: 105 Replies: 4
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Moments that are in general too good to pass up sharing. First one that comes to mind in the game was this scene where Rivia is first introduced. I greatly enjoy this new way to introduce her rather than having her stand in a corner in the inn. Greatly adds to her character and makes her more memorable right off the bat. Need more character interactions like this, something I desperately want to work on.

Updated cutscenes in Sacred Valley introducing Mieva, the Paladin member of the party. Really pleased with the end result.

This takes the cake for one of my saddest/stupidest moments as a dev. 

Watch Death Curse Bug Fixing: I'M AN IDIOT from Aodlegacy on

Been too long since we had a funny clip. ...DON'T WORRY! I got some! My fluffball causes my demise, and a boat sails on land. ...Wait wut?

Watch The Cat Drops In (And Gets Me Killed) from Aodlegacy on

And before I forget: Doggy! :D