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SR:MT Development Schedule [January to June] Sticky

A topic by AoDLegacy created Jul 17, 2018 Views: 174 Replies: 2
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Hello everyone, here to give you a general outlook on our plans for the game in the immediate future. This list updates as progress goes to plan or falls behind.

  • January
    • Sidequest System Implementation ✅
    • Siege Mechanic Debut
    • Alchemist Story and Store Level Up Mechanic Updates ✅
    • If Time Allows: Interaction and Pause Menu Update Begins ✅
  • February 
    • Main Character & Companion Interaction Sidequest
    • Sacred Valley Story Revisions Begin/Complete
    • Mieva Interactions Possibly Start

  • March
    • Mieva Interactions Finish 
    • Pause Menu/Interaction Menu Dev
    • SV Story Revision Complete
    • Start Promotion Feature 
  • April
    • Overworld Bosses Implementation 
    • Finish Promotion Feature 
    • Overworld Bosses Finish Implements with the Leviathan Update.
    • Cosmos Raid Dev Begins
    • Final Major Update - Cosmos Raid

Please check here for major schedule changes, as well as to gauge how far along we are in our goals.

Side note, Cosmos Raid will be last update before the Story Demo, no est on story demo release at this time.