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I'm having an eargasm.


I think the preferred platform is Windows, but i don't think there will be a problem with a HTML5 game.


I am searching for a 2D artist (preffer pixel art over vector art). I would like a serious teammate that could make smooth animations and good looking pixelart ;\

Bulgarian - 16 Years old - Advanced in programming - 3 years of experience in GML (can do a little bit of C++, C# and GLSL)

I have switched from GMS1.4 to GMS2 last month and this is gonna be my first game jam using GMS2: I've been mainly trying out some 3D things so I don't have recent 2D projects to show. Here is my most recent 3D project:

It's based on xyghotop3's deffered lighting. It's HEAVILY optimized.

I just want an artist (cuz I can't draw) but if you are a musician It's ok to come.

Contact me on my email: (responds to ~12 hours)

-Anzhel Dilov

the end is near jam community · Created a new topic Artist

Ugh... So i made a little demo but the pixel art ended as being "shit" so i decided (1 minute thinking) to make a topic for someone to help me or make the pixel art. So i am waiting for respond...