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This is actually very sweet!

Great job on your first game!

I'm confused...

Just kidding, very sweet game! Too bad it is so short

I think the lights mechanic were the best, making everything dark when you go out to get health or running from enemies was a brilliant idea!

I really liked the game feel this game gives me! It leaves the player with freedom to play any way they want. I would make my plays very fast paced, but as ramidreju said, couldn't find any link to the gamejam theme.

Nice game! Maybe the link to the "power source" theme was something like "pushing the cars out of the parking lot". But that's my interpretation.

I am not too sure if I understood the mechanics correctly, I could only place batteries.

I love games with upgrade mechanics! This one is great! I think it just missed some sound effects maybe! But great anyway! 

I liked the concept but I didnt like the controls that much, it didn't feel smooth to me. And the dead-ends where a problem too.

Love it! Nice art style and music! Missed some keyboard controls...

A trully nice concept! But it is basically unplayable at its current state. :(

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Great game, very relaxing! For some reason I couldn't use WASD to move only using the joystick.

Sometimes I couldn't tell if the pickup would spawn inside me or out of the view.


Adorei a trilha sonora!

Well. It was good until it made me deaf.