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Any chances of getting a open-source code? =D

I will see with my friend about theses problems, he suggest in using Chiptune Covers (with the permissions), i will try to make, if something happens and i need to take the game down, i see no problem. Thanks for the response.

So, i want to make a Rhythm Game, it's a game for a friend of mine, it's free and just to study... but i have a problem, it uses copyright musics (rock), i want to know if i can use covers or something like that to have less problem?
I know that i cannot use the songs and i think covers are not a good idea too, i just want to confirm this. My original idea it's to release here, but if i can't, there's no problem.


Thanks man, the soundtrack its from royality free musician, so i will not take credit for it, they are very talented people. I'm happy that you liked the introduction screens

Yeah, some people report the crash. Thanks for the feedback, i'm happy that you liked the game =D

Love the theme and the mechanics. The game is HARD, the music its the same, but fits the game. Love to see if you complete the game.

Thanks man, i did make a "Health Up Pick up Present", but didnt have time to use in game.

Even done the sprite for it:

Love the game, sad that it does'nt have sound.

  • Mechanic keyboard
  • Tower
  • Just one Sound
  • Flower Power