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Absolutely amazing game, (sorta) randomized levels so you can expect a surprise every time, very difficult if you want to perform with professionalism, makes you use your brain in order to solve the situations it throws at you. Again, an absolute splendid game, I'll be joining the discord and will be keeping an eye out and praying for new updates to come out. Keep up the great work!

It's a really good game, some nice traps that give a little bit of surprise, I love both, the Art Style and the Music and the Sounds in general.

Good Job to the Developers +1

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Just wanted to say that I was watching Oblivion HD's videos on this game and that this is a pretty good game but from what I can see at his update it's pretty bare.

A few ideas:

  • Make a boat
  • Sail to other Islands
  • Mine ores and explore caves
  • More base building options
  • Pirates that come to your base to raid or attack when you're exploring
  • Maps to see where you've explored.
  • Using the Water Purifier and Cooker require planks as a fuel source
  • Someone's already said this but I agree with it, we should add new sea creatures to the game, birds or turtles? and you can put them in a cage/tank as a pet.
  • I'd also recommend removing the Item nets as it just makes it so easy to get resources later on in the game so after a while, you don't even need to use your hook.

As I said before, this is a good game but yeah, updates are needed! :)