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Just wanted to say that I was watching Oblivion HD's videos on this game and that this is a pretty good game but from what I can see at his update it's pretty bare.

A few ideas:

  • Make a boat
  • Sail to other Islands
  • Mine ores and explore caves
  • More base building options
  • Pirates that come to your base to raid or attack when you're exploring
  • Maps to see where you've explored.
  • Using the Water Purifier and Cooker require planks as a fuel source
  • Someone's already said this but I agree with it, we should add new sea creatures to the game, birds or turtles? and you can put them in a cage/tank as a pet.
  • I'd also recommend removing the Item nets as it just makes it so easy to get resources later on in the game so after a while, you don't even need to use your hook.

As I said before, this is a good game but yeah, updates are needed! :)