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Niiice! That's a fun (and self explanatory) battle system, I had some kind of overpowered multi-click engine halfway through, but still barely made it through the Nightmare Lord and his debuffing powers.

My tetris brain wanted to rotate the pieces, but even without that ability, it still allowed enough possibilities, especially with the flexibility of rearranging them after each fight. I like how it follows some of the logic of rogue-like deck builders, without actually having cards per se.

And of course, a bunch of fun creature designs considering how the enemies represent 'dreams' haha

Good job!

Glad you liked the characters! we put  as much as we could on the artwork :)

Thanks for playing!

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Niice, the changing drone sounds were great.

In terms of difficulty It wasn't so hard if you focused only on the spores. But then on another try I left just one spore fall next to a crowd and it spread extremely fast so it made it hard to recover, which I think it sums up the social distancing theme quite well.

Nice! It stands out as a pretty unique take on the theme, must take care of these precious artifacts!

It took me a moment to properly get the gameplay (at first I thought the numbers worked like in Minesweeper with the pieces around it, but thankfully it shown in the instructions), after that it was pretty entertaining to find these blocks with relics and super carefully try to clean them without smashing them.

Wow, nice take on the theme!!

It was fun to just walk around and read what the blobs have to say and explore the fun interactions based on locations and dialog. It left me intrigued to see how it worked,

Good stuff!

Thanks Simon!
Great to hear what you mention about the progression, we really wanted to have a feeding mechanic from the start but we struggled a bit while trying to give it sense for the actual gameplay, but eventually it started clicking with the speed up mechanic in the context of a chase.

Glad you liked it! :)

Nice stealth game!

A couple of things I liked: it was pretty handy to be able to see the whole vector of movement of the enemies as they start to move, it feels pretty fair giving you time to react, and another cool feature was the idea of sneaking underground on the small doors, I think it could be used a bit more as you could beat the game without needing them.

Also a small detail but there's a little bug where you can still lose after beating a level, but it should be a matter of stopping the enemies when you beat it.

Pretty solid for a game jam scope, good job!

Pretty fun to play around! well presented and with a lot of variety of movement!

I did find it a bit difficult to control (maybe it's just me (or my keyboard), but it was a bit taxing on my left hand using Shift, Space, and WASD), so the slow-time control was a helpful feature, I didn't get so far but it was satisfying to pull off these tricky jumps.

Good job!

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Pretty cool take on the theme!

I really liked how you made a little world to explore out of a variety of organs, it was fun to move around and fight our inner hazards in different ways. Adaptive music is great too!

On the gameplay side, playing a couple of times, the only thing I didn't get to explore as much was the 'shop' for healing/upgrades, since I was a bit slow to get enough nutrients before it was a bit late, but I think I could keep improving.

From what I played, this could even evolve into a fun teaching tool with the proper scientific backup!
Good stuff!


Graphics are pretty well executed, It 's fun to carry Zoey in your head, and I especially liked how smooth the lava effect was, music is also very catchy.

Only issue I had was confusing the Up and Space button to jump due to common conventions, but I got used to it eventually, hahah.

Given the jam's timing it's pretty well done, if you were to expand it it would be cool to see other interactions with Zoey, maybe there is an obstacle where she helps you out or something like that.

Good job!

Fun classic-style shmup!

While it's pretty standard in terms of shmup mechanics, it's pretty well executed, I especially liked the artwork and scenery, the cloud pattern looks great!

This was a pretty fun 'parody' game!

Simple and well executed with the different patterns by the waves of Darios. While it's safe to stay in the corners, you have to eventually move to get more flowers so the gameplay loop works quite well, it's like waiting to cross the street.

Glad you liked it! And great to hear what you mention about the scope, we stuck to one level trying to  develop it as much as possible.

But on a similar note, once we put it all together we were nearly out of time to  playtest and tweak the difficulty, so it can get reeaaally insane towards the end with all the stuff coming at you, hahah!!


Graphics are a lot of fun. I liked the concept of deploying your fighting sheep on specific spots to control the invasion. Couldn't beat the second level though as I would get easily overrun.

If you were to develop it further, a tutorial level/screen would be super helpful to explain the attributes of each sheep. I found it a bit overwhelming to get the choice of changing the amount of each type of sheep before the first level. Also it would be nice to see some way for the sheep to recover their health/wool while they're kept in the base so that they could fight again later.

Good job!

Nice! This could fit pretty well as part of a micro-game/Warioware style compilation. I liked how it starts as a 'memory' type of game, but also adds challenge by making the characters move around.

A small detail: The 'Get new care' button is a good addition when the available items don't solve the current characters' needs, but I found it a little 'unfair' that it takes away points when it's something you do when you have no other choice.

Also more of a technical detail which can be easily updated, but the resolution of the game was a little too high for my screen so I couldn't see it all at once while playing.

Pretty fun premise! I beat it on second try.  On the long run I generally went more with the first 3 toys to play more defensively making walls. Just as an idea it would be interesting to see if there were attacks you could only block with certain items, to encourage the player to use more varied resources.

It was funny to see pretty simple cat actions like a lick or a fluff ball being attacks, but they probably are for the little mouse!

Niiice! The pastel visuals go great with the theme, and while it's simple in structure it was fun to interact with the ingredients.

It makes me wonder how it would go with a time based challenge as other cooking games do, but that would make it go quickly from relaxing to stressful so it's a matter of preference :)

Nice format for a short story! The byte-sized texts were fun to follow and the limited palette pixel art was pretty appealing.

I played it twice out of curiosity to see if there were more variants to the story events, which were pretty subtle, but it could be something interesting to expand upon and give unique consequences to the dialogs.

Wow, thanks!! :)

I see, yeah I would have totally left the previous functional build there had I know that would happen.  

Alright then, I'll get on the Discord group and see if there's any alternative, Thank you!!

Well, that's a bummer, but at least it's good to know how the restriction works from now on, and avoid messing up again.

Made it! it was pretty fun to play around with the throwing mechanics, music was great too.
The tutorial took me a moment to figure out, especially figuring out how to throw the egg, but it was pretty satisfying once I pulled it off.
The last level was interesting being a little more complex, it had a bit more of a puzzle element to it.

Wow thanks Mr_Bun! NG has been a fun place for cartoony games, I've been sharing stuff there for a while :)

Thanks Renderererer, glad you liked it!

Now that you mention it, it does have sound effects and music, but from what I've seen the sound doesn't work on Firefox, but when testing on Chrome it sounds fine. I'll have to look into that!

I made all of the programming with Construct 3.

Hi! I just made a baaad mistake with my game site, it had an already working build, and just to test out I tried uploading a later version minutes post deadline, deleting the previous one in the process. Since it won't let upload later builds post-deadline, now my site is empty.

So I wanted to see if I could do something about it, to see if there was a fair way to recover the previously working version so that it could be properly judged.

If not, I understand as it was a mistake made without keeping the restriction in mind, oh well.

Thanks! it was fun to explore what could be done out of some pretty mundane objects :)

I liked this take on the (still quite open) jam themes.
I found the first segment to be a bit bland as there wasn't much stopping you from getting as many aliens as you could find, but the atmosphere along with the waving ocean was a nice sight. Then the battle scene was a good change of pace, I wish I could have practiced a bit with the battle ship beforehand, but still I enjoyed the freedom and responsiveness of the ship controls.
Good work!

Cool twist! I struggled a bit on the 'wall jumping' segment, but I could get through it after all, I liked how it had a bit of a puzzle element, since it wasn't always obvious to determine which 'magnet command' was better at what time.

Niice, it took me a bit to get used to it, but the roulette was a  cool mechanic, I liked how it had a few twists like how the turtle forced you to  use makeup, or how the wizard 'hacks' your roulette.