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Hey, I'm sorry about that! I just sent an email over to EF to make sure those PDFs get updated to 1e. I don't have a conversion guide, but I've asked EF to send out updated 1e digital downloads to people who bought the 1e versions. Hopefully you'll get those soon.

The Sow intentionally does not have stats -- it's meant to be more of an environmental hazard than a creature per se. If players approach too closely, they'll be gobbled up. To kill it, you'd probably need some substantial explosives.

Hey, Exalted Funeral definitely has the 1e files for all the Anodyne Printware stuff -- including Picket Line. You should reach out to them about it, they might just have not updated the downloads on their backend yet.

Hey! Feel free to DM me on Twitter (link is on my profile page) or Discord (you can find me in the Mothership server).

Fixed now, thanks for the heads up! No idea why that was happening.

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Shoot me a message on Twitter (link's on my creator page). I'll get you sorted.

I generally include PDFs with physical purchase, but it's possible I messed up and forgot to send someone the files to use. Where'd you buy it?

Physical copies should come with a PDF and all of the included extras!

This is an incredibly charming and fun adventure that made me smile the entire time I read it.

As per the MS Paint TTRPG Jam description, I'm sending creators of my favorite submissions RPG pamphlets in the mail as a little prize for their efforts. This is one of my favorites and I'd love to send you some stuff if you want it! Feel free to DM me on Twitter @IanYusem.

Yes! Physical copies are currently at the printer's and should be available sometime in mid-late October.

No worries, I'd be more than glad to add your submission! It took me a bit to figure out how to do that (my first time hosting a jam), but I've got it now. I'm sending you a link via your twitter DMs which should allow you to submit your work!

From a quick google search, it looks totally appropriate to me. Go for it!

I love this game! Gorgeous art and aesthetics and PC equipment loadouts that immediately get my imagination going. Looking forward to playing this!

I don't currently have any plans to host a discord for the jam, but that's not to say someone else can't!

I think that looks incredible, but I'm leaning towards saying that the photo-stamps are a little outside the scope of this jam. I certainly wouldn't outright disallow that software, however.

I feel torn because as you say, this definitely fits the aesthetic of the jam -- but waiving that rule means opening a floodgate of potential design complexity. I'd rather folks stick fairly strictly to the listed rules, so the barrier to entry remains extremely low.

Definitely, solo games are totally welcome!

If you're first writing the text in a word processor to organize your thoughts then copying it into a Paint text box, that's totally kosher. Absolutely get your text edited before you add it, no need to painstakingly do that in Paint!

On the other hand, if you're screenshotting word processed text then adding that as an image to Paint as a layout shortcut, I'd say that's against the spirit of the jam.

Very soon! Expect at least one out next month, but both are very close to completion.

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Hey, I'm glad you like it!

Means of escape is left intentionally open ended, because it's going to come down to player ingenuity. The two most obvious methods of escape would be to repair the satellite and call for help, or use the crashed escape pod to jet off-moon.

Just wanted to double check if any ttrpg gaming content is an acceptable submission rather than specifically systems.

Hi Nefal. Unfortunately the bundle doesn't work that way, I can't turn it back on now that it's over.

Hey! For the duration of the bundle at least, we're keeping The Third Sector exclusive to the bundle. After that, we'll consider finding a way to release it for folks like you who already own the included adventures. So, not yet.

I'd love a preset for co-op bundles that splits the developer cut distribution according to the retail value of their games in the bundle. 

For example, if I have a bundle with 3 games from different developers with retail values $5, $5, and $10 respectively, the preset would set the cut at 25%, 25%, and 50% for the respective developers.

Obviously the above math is super easy, but it gets complicated when you have more products at different price points.

That's great to hear! I am even more excited for the game now.

I had a great time with the demo, and was particularly impressed by the opening cutscene and the overworld map. I've wishlisted on steam and eagerly await the full release, but have a couple questions:

Will there be additional cinematics as you progress through the full game? 

Will the interesting landmarks on the map (I adore the cube in the top left) factor into gameplay in any way?