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Oh, question. You made the illustrations right? I just played a game that's years old with the blue dragon teacher in it. Cool that you worked together before.

I love them too <3

I love good Non- Dateable characters. They can be fun and a sort of fresh breath of air. 

really good

No thank you. I want friends to still try out what could have been.

Slight glitch(?) where a note being too close to an enemy blocks the combat. I thought the game bugged out for a second. Just pressing space fixes it though.

Thank you. :)

Hard. Neat.

How do I recover SP?

There is a max?

curse them bots. beep bop

I shall make a grave for the fishing rod. R.I.P.

P.S. I love it when small side stories like these exist. Gives the people more life, and in turn, the world.

I can do both on the same run? Ah, so the guy's fishing rod really is gone forever then? Thank you.

It's been fun. We will continue to support you <3

Until we meet again! 


To see Flint be all cute and stuff, worth it! Also, Happy creator day!

So...I gave a lust potion...I am oddly charmed by Flint now. Add to that his devotion to the Stronghold. I don't know what his future is, but I am starting to like him.

So, uhm, if you donated the hidden toy...can you buy one somewhere else? I meant to give it as a joke, but it made Flint cute! WHAT KIND OF BLACK MAGIC WRITING IS THIS!

So, what results are there in the find fishing rod event/ side quest? I tried looking for the fishing rod, but I couldn't find anything. Maybe my stats are too low?

Keep on being awseome.

I love this already

I was happy to download

looks great.

Woo! This cool!

Thank you! The last time I played was in Nov., so that would be around Update .37; I think I will be fine. 

So most things will stay the same since last time. Thank you. Thank you even more Ben Dover! 

I haven't played this in a long time. Can someone give me tips because I am pretty sure my previous saves won't carry over.

Perfect logic and reasoning.

He is not a love interest so he has this thing were we are not pressured to let them in our lives, but instead we are pleased he exist in our lives. Also, well written character.

Story! Story! Story! WOO!

Take your cookies of THANKS!



Oh. Old family. Although, I admit, it was nice to find out more about them. 

WAIT! I was playing Tom's route when I noticed him cut off his last name. I thought that was odd, but wrote it off thinking his family was famous or something. Then I played John's route, and he addressed himself as John T. Nully, not John T. Scarab-. 

Was this explained somewhere and I was too smooth brain to notice? 0-0

I say they very much alive. May need some love and money to continue living though.

Maybe they need a sandwich? 


Oh! I get ya now.

fire ball?

Yes yes. I plan to. You are doing great. Remember to rest and reward yourself too.

So I went back and played again. I still love everything about this game. I even fairly beat up the cheating hog mob. EAT STICK YA SICKOS! 

However, I am yet to play the new version. Just wanted to say, Thank You Creator.

Oh. I wasn't really arguing, I just wanted to share my thoughts. Well, I do understand your frustrations, but a little sympathy can be allowed given Mochi's circumstances. I don't know what the money is being used for, but I do see Mochi making progress on their Twitter. I trust them. I believe in Mochi. 

Honestly, I was happy the gang was having fun. It was insane, yet the right amount of comedic.