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Lovely bleak little experience. Float around as a phantom with an initially sluggish and eventually soaring and free mode of control and collect the energy orbs/husks/souls/whatever the hells in a wonderfully immersive and bleak alien dockyard or something. Maybe even some humour here as well (I loved how the orb husks mess up your careful landings or decide to dogpile on you). Kudos for the screenshot function. This is the kind of stuff I come to for!!

Improvisational storytelling game for two players that basically consists of a mechanic and some very disturbing effects linked to each card in a Tarot deck that allows you to play a game of creeping dread like you might get in a Campbell, Ligotti or Mark Samuels story, but in a very open ended and loose framework.

I just finished up a 90 minute game of this with my partner and it was great. If I had one complaint it would be that the mechanic (which I won't spoil here) means that you have to roleplay 'ordinary' days for the player quite often, but that's something you'll settle into in the player/narrator relationship.

Given the huge amount of cards in a normal tarot deck and how sporadically you'll be referencing the effects listed in any given game, there's also a ton of replayability here for those with a stomach for the (extremely) unnerving. Very good!

Six frightening food-based criminal underworld figures and a handful of pick-up/drop-offs associated with them. This is the sort of stuff that could be "zany" in the wrong hands but SILVER HOOVES and Roque Romero have made this into something you can get your players mixed up with in all the worst possible ways. Recommended!

Disquieting little story with creepy, unsettlingly pretty bio-landscapes. I have lots of questions as the game throws you straight into a world that hints at many already established narratives (which the characters know about and you have to guess) and it's all the stronger for it. Recommended!

WipEout plus Micro Machines, awesome little game

Amazing little experience that manages to be both unsettling and grandiose at the same time. Love the soundtrack too.

If you like Troika!, Brian Aldiss' Hothouse novel, plants,or creative indie RPG stuff, I strongly recommend this. It's bursting with cool ideas and does that thing whereby a fully detailed world is sketched in with glimpses that come from the short writeups of spells, creatures, and bits of equipment.

I bought this at the weekend and was blown away by how much cool stuff there is for Troika! play in it. It's one of the most completely realised and cohesive Troika! third party things I've seen, great work!

Sorry, I'm dumb. Think I understand now that the answer is "Yes". Keeping the topic open though in case you do have other playsets!

In the creator's opinion, do these work for all games of A Duet of Steel, no matter what the setting? Or are you expected to come up with your own?

Alternatively, are their other playsets out there?

Thanks in advance!