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Nakabaru (中原町) Industrial district atmospheric PSX flight platformer morphogenic-field horror.
Submitted by tm (@TobymDev) — 16 days, 9 hours before the deadline
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Lovely bleak little experience. Float around as a phantom with an initially sluggish and eventually soaring and free mode of control and collect the energy orbs/husks/souls/whatever the hells in a wonderfully immersive and bleak alien dockyard or something. Maybe even some humour here as well (I loved how the orb husks mess up your careful landings or decide to dogpile on you). Kudos for the screenshot function. This is the kind of stuff I come to for!!

My video on Egregore.


Visually beautiful, wonderful lonely atmosphere. Loved being the ghost of the docks at night.



Where do the screenshots save?


oh i just now realize they are saved to a temp folder... ill change the game files so they are accesible and also update with some fixes!

You’re awesome! Thanks :)


thank you for noticing!! its now fixed, and screenshots should be saved at the game content files /EGREGORE/


I really loved the environment, it definitely yearned for sound tho. Maybe I haven't played it right but overall slugish camera movement made me not finish it. Still graphic style made me go for this game as the first one from stuff made for this jam. 


Thanks for playing and the crit!

Camera sensitivity is changeable in the pause menu btw~


I gave it a second try and man I'm really glad I did. Every Red Orb collected makes it so much more satisfying to play. In the end the total blackness at 2 orbs left made me quit but still I would recommend to play this game. Such unique style and concept. 


nice, thanks for giving it a shot. Also added a master sound control option so as to make the audio more noticeable.