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This game needs more attention. It openly cribs mechanically from Whitehack, Troika, Maze Rats and probably some others, but the feel is definitely unique.

Starting characters pack a lot of punch and essentially have an equipment list granting them immediate access to two magic items, as well as potentially great powers from the abstracted spell system, high damage output, multiple attacks and even 'extra lives' (at a cost) with the True Name system. Despite this, it can be GM'd as deadly even with these advantages. The resulting experience feels a bit like immediate mid-to high level OSR play from the get-go, crunchier than many indie rules light games but entirely manageable. Add in the modularity of the planeshopping Rungs system that make up the implied setting and you've got something perfect for quick pick up and play games or short campaigns.

Don't drown in the hype stream, check out Ruiner instead!