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Oooooh, damn, I missed that. Once I reached 200 I was like "Okay, I think that's far enough" and I purposely stopped collecting air tanks so the game would end lol

I made it to 216, but it didn't add me to the leaderboard D:

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I was so close...

I got stuck here. No matter how much I spammed the buttons, I couldn't get the sword to wiggle out of that position :(

Edit: Forgot I could press "R" to respawn at checkpoint. All good!

Hey all!

I've been doing the one-game-a-month challenge this year and this is a game I made as my February entry during the Brackeys Jam 2021.1. Since then, I've added more levels, fixed some bugs, polished up the controls, and added a boss battle (which is still incomplete).

In this silly little game, you play as the pied piper and control rats using your flute. Playing different tunes on your flute causes the rats to combine into different shapes to help you solve platforming puzzles – a slope to climb up platforms, a bridge to cross gaps, and a ball to slam into intractable objects. Travel through space and time as you complete levels and look for a way back to your own time!

An ExSCOURGEon Through Space & Time!

You can download the game for free right here!

I also produced a short trailer for the game that kind of shows a bit of gameplay if you'd like a quick look into what the game looks like:

And finally, if you're interested in seeing how this game was built, you can watch the accompanying devlog video I made right here:

I'm open to all feedback, so let me know what you think!

Thank you!

Thank you for playing! And yeah, how to play is definitely not clear :P

There's no win/lose state either. I'm working on fixing all of that right now!

Thank you! I wasted a stupid amount of time on the A.I. and custom grid-based pathfinding :(

Such a dumb idea to make a game of this scope in just one week-end, I don't know what I was thinking, haha! I am currently in the process of refining the game – adding levels, fixing bugs, improved mechanics, and an actual game loop (win & lose states). I'll post the updated build once the voting period is over! :)

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Just played and rated yours! Good game :)

Here's our "masterpiece" 🤣

Genuinely loved this! Really well polished, visually appealing, and really fun!

If I *had* to find something to criticise, it would be that the double jump pickup wasn't very clear. I didn't realise that's what that pickup did until I accidentally double tapped the jump key.

Really impressive, great work!

Oh hey! I rated yours 2 days ago! Fun game :P

Feel free to check mine out:

Thank you for the suggestions! :)

I'm glad you like the effect!

And yeah, I didn't have time to implement the win/lose state before submission :(

Thank you!

Yup, believe it or not, I literally never thought to right click my own units when testing haha! Please just ignore that :P

Thank you for the feedback though! I'm currently refining the game and ironing out all those bugs, so look forward to an improved build after the voting period is over!

The screen was stuck on black right when the second mini-game was starting.

Pretty good up to that point though! Nice visuals, very interesting concept, unique implementation of the theme, overall pretty good!

Same thing happened to me :(

Neat concept!

Your implementation of the theme is definitely unique, so nice work there! I love the whacky aesthetic! The gameplay mechanic is alright, but I wish there was a tiny bit more to it than just timing the space bar to maintain the right position.

Some suggestions: Maybe add a bar that shows how far you are from the finish line? Maybe something to make it a little more challenging? Like obstacles or having the drug lord change his mind regarding the position randomly? *shrug*

Nice work nonetheless! :)

This has an incredible amount of polish! I wouldn't have guessed this was done during a game jam.

Cool concept, really nice visuals with plenty of little juicy details, mechanically solid.

Your interpretation of the theme as a sort of "risk vs reward" is definitely unique as well.

Very well done.

Neat game! I've seen the theme interpreted this way for a lot of other submissions ("die to beat the level"), but your implementation of that idea using the shuriken system makes it a little more interesting, so nice work!

I think the difficulty spike is a little too sudden though. The tutorial level is a nice and simple, but the level immediately afterwards took me a whole lot of retries: The fast and frictionless movement makes precision platforming difficult. There's no way to jump back out of the pit in the left and right halves of the level, so not only do you have to not fall, but you also have to aim the shuriken to bounce in a manner that will make it land on the platform to hit you.

Maybe the precision platforming and multi-bounce mechanics can be introduced in separate levels? Maybe have a safety net (a way to return to the platforms without restarting) the first time you encounter it so you can practice without getting too frustrated?

Oh, and the graphics were pretty decent as well!

Overall, not too bad!

Yeah, there's definitely a bunch of issues and I didn't manage to put in a proper win/lose state in there either :(

I am working on refining it and ironing out all the bugs though! I'll have an updated version up after the voting period :)

Neat game! It's unfortunate that so many other games have interpreted and implemented the theme in the exact same way, but it was fun nonetheless! :P

I think a few things with the controls could be improved: Having to press E twice to respawn cuts into the gameplay flow. You could just have E make you immediately die and respawn and then R to reset the level, for example. Having to press space to move on to the next level seems like an unnecessary extra step. Space isn't used in the rest of the game, so why add that extra key as a control? You could have set that to E or have the next level start immediately without having to press a key.

Also: Would be cool if your body floated in the pool so you can jump on it rather than having to stack a mountain of bodies!

Not too bad though, maybe update it after the voting period is over! :)

So, I may be misunderstanding the concept of the game, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what the goal is and how you've implemented the theme. Since you didn't have time to add a tutorial or story, maybe add all that in the game page's description? :)

Graphics are pretty decent, but I do think the hearts in the UI are inconsistent with the rest of the game's aesthetic a little.

Not too bad though, maybe update it after the voting period ends! I'll play it again if you do :)

Thank you so much! I agree about the font :P

I’ll check yours out!

Thank you! That font is the first thing I changed in the new build :P

I’ll be uploading it once the voting period has ended.

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This is a very solid game, both in terms of mechanics and presentation! Really nice, consistent, yet minimalist visual style, with interesting gameplay that takes advantage of the theme somewhat decently. I enjoyed how challenging it was as well!

It took me a few levels before understanding how you implemented the theme (specifically until the level with the rotating bar) as I thought those red circles were just teleporters :P

If you continue to work on this: Maybe you can present the concept of "dying to return to the start" a little more clearly, at least visually, by making the red objects appear more lethal? Like making the red circles rotating buzzsaws, for example.

Really neat concept! The level design kept me interested and the introduction of the teleport mechanic was well implemented. Great job overall!

Really neat concept! What a unique way to interpret and implement the theme – I'm genuinely impressed!

The visuals are decent and serve their intended purpose and the UI is clear and concise.

Overall, pretty great game.

Thank you!

Cool game, I like the minimalist visuals and the controls feel pretty tight.

Unfortunately, this interpretation and implementation of the theme is the first one that comes to mind and so many people have done this exact game :/

Nice work nonetheless!

Neat game, but I'm having difficulty figuring out how you've implemented the theme :/

You essentially have to remain in the sunlight while painting the planet, right? Maybe there's something I'm missing or misunderstanding?

Oh, nice! Okay, I'll play through it again :P

Pretty good! I think the movement was a little too fast, which made the precision platforming a tiny bit frustrating, but overall it seems well polished.

The audio was good, the graphics are nice and simple, and the particle effects add a nice little "oomph" to the whole thing. In terms of the theme interpretation and implementation, it's a little standard as I've seen a lot of other games in this jam so far implement it the exact same way, but that's okay!

Nice work overall!

Had fun playing this one!

I noticed a lot of games are interpreting and implementing the theme this way, but that's okay! The mechanic was well implemented and there were a decent amount of levels to really explore what you can do with the idea.

The graphics were alright, but definitely could have been better. The best part of those was the cube being a different colour each time, very cute!

The music was a little too repetitive, maybe it's because the tune was very simple and short.

Nice work overall!


Had fun creating a staircase here:

And it looks like you stick to ceilings when you hold the jump key. Parkour! :P

Oh! I genuinely thought the puddles were randomly generated each time.

How did I not notice that? xD

Nice work, especially for 12 hours!

The theme implementation and interpretation is very popular, but you created something fun regardless. The graphics were simple and concise, the audio was smooth and reactive, and the mechanic was well implemented.

"Do one thing, and do it well!"

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Ah, I see! Alright, cool, I'll check it out when you update :)

I'm sorry, I'm not entirely sure I understand the game...

So, if losing is winning, I essentially just drop in the lava at the start of each level until I run out of health. I did that for each level and that meant I won the game. Am I doing something wrong? If the goal of the game was to lose, then maybe you could make it a little more challenging to do so rather than allowing me to just drop in the lava at the very start of each level, I guess?

Neat idea, but definitely needs more polish!

Despite the simplistic gameplay and visuals, you've managed to achieve a lot with this one. The levels are really well designed, the mechanics are well thought-out, and overall it's a really fun game. No distractions, no bells & whistles, just pure game design.

That level right before the one with the green door & buttons was pretty neat. And the way you introduce new mechanics is intuitive and pretty well done.

Also: "There is more to be found" at the end really got me. I noticed secondary portals in some of the levels, like in level 3 for example, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get to it. I realise that when you grow to a tiny, tiny size, you can move through walls for a few seconds before the level resets, but I tried over and over and could never make it to the portal :(

DM me a hint? I really want to find out!

You've interpreted the theme in a very literal sense, as many others have, but that's okay! I think the gameplay is alright, but it is definitely a little janky in some places.

I had a difficult time understanding the puzzle with the door that closes when the arrow hits the wall, but I somehow got past it and then accidentally got sent back to it when I touched a flag on the next level.

Visuals are simple, but clear enough.

Maybe polish this one some more and you could have something pretty fun and solid!

This is so incredibly charming! The visuals and overall aesthetic is so childish and innocent, but I love it  and found myself getting very attached to the character.

The controls are a bit wonky (I kept wanting to press space to shoot when purple), but I really like the amount of different mechanics you've managed to fit in this small game.

I was surprised to see a boss fight that actually utilised the mechanics learned up to that point, and then was EVEN MORE surprised when I was thrust into a whole bunch more levels afterwards that introduced more mechanics.

Great work, genuinely.

The graphics are so adorable! I think you came up with a neat concept, but it took me a couple runs before I understood how you implemented the theme (I didn't read the description beforehand).

My one concern is: Once you figure out the mechanic, what stops you from intentionally slipping on the very first puddle a hundred times just so you stack up your score? :P

Pretty good for just one day of work though!