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Thank you very much. I will totally check it out! :D

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No it doesn't work,

it's this one over here

Hello Dark Dimension, thank you for your reply,
I am going to try the Fullscreen button now.

About the small resolution, I rebuild the game in Unity to that resolution so it can "fit" on I tried bigger ones of course, but the game window went off the screen bounds which is not ideal for the type of the game I uploaded - and it also has a "portrait" orientation. I'm not sure, i will play with that a little bit more and see.

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I recently uploaded my first game on, and I don't have much experience yet in the Dashboard.

The game I uploaded has a 9:16 ratio and it was originally made for the Google Play Store. The original resolution of the game is 1080x1920.

In order to fit nicely on as a WebGL, I changed the resolution to  270x480 (9:16). In the web browsers the game looks fine, but the problem I have is when I check the "Mobile Friendly" game option. On mobile the page itself looks very good, but when I press Play, the game resolution is much smaller and it doesn't go fullscreen.

Is there a way to fix that?


funny game, very good , I like it!