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Your contact info on your personal site bounced for a misconfiguration and a message left on the Crowdfundr page didn't get a repy.
I'm hoping that this will work.

I bought this on the strength of the descriptions alone.  Keep up the good work, Erika (and unindicted coconspirators.)

I donated a while back, but haven't gotten any reply to my two emails over the matter.  This handle @ gmail

Thanks for the clarification.  I don't understand why Fig insists on not making it easy to ask a question of a creator without backing first...

It's noce that you're on, although I note that the Fig doesn't list it as a platform at the end.

Your answer on what it will be on, other than Steam is pretty noncommital.  Any chance of at least promising that there will be a DRM-free option somewhere?

Also, maybe have a non-social media method of contact beyond here.  The email is listed as for business and press use...

Here's hoping.

Good news! It seems Mr. Tuffs has consumed the fruit and lives on yet.

Loving the new version, Mr. Tuffs. Thank you greatly for the improved experience.

Huh. When House of Many Doors was updated a few hours ago, I didn't get a notification. Thye email tool thing is useful, though. I'll be sure to let Mr. Tuffs know it exists. Thanks!

Is there any way for a game creator to send a notice to people who had bought their game that a new version has been uploaded?

This seems like it could be a useful ability.