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A House of Many Doors

Explore the House, a parasite dimension that steals from other worlds, in a train that scuttles on mechanical legs. · By pixeltrickery

McIntosh variety?

A topic by aratuk created Feb 12, 2017 Views: 313 Replies: 10
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I notice there is a Mac version on Steam, but not here. What gives? Would prefer not to Steam.

Asked this same question twice via Kickstarter, never heard back... :|


(one month later, still excited to play this game one day)

(125 days later, getting hopeful this time)


[the solidarity intensifies]

really though. I'll never give up.

Good news! It seems Mr. Tuffs has consumed the fruit and lives on yet.

does it mean, perhaps, one day I shall play this game on my humble macintosh computer?

Here's hoping.