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I wish I had known about this a week and a half ago, my vpet might have ended up living on the desktop instead of the browser page. Thanks for letting me know about this, I've already got a few ideas for some fun stuff to do with it

I gotta figure out how you did the window, I didn't know you could do that with Godot, and I love the rhythm game

This is extremely well done and I love it. I also especially love that I can still accessorize my slime after it dies. My boy gettin' buried in a top hat... he was so young... RIP

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Thanks, glad you liked it. While I probably wont pick up development again on this project for a while, I am currently reworking the sprites and systems for a puzzle adventure game (with a slightly higher resolution to get rid of the jittery movement)

I get that you are supposed to be limited to the included assets and you can recolor them and stuff, but as far as writing code goes... It says there are "a FEW well coded routines" but I'm not totally clear on whether or not writing entirely new code is allowed (for hard mode, I understand it's fine in easy mod as long as you use the included routines) or if you are strictly limited to copying and pasting the included routines around to fit your needs.

In short I just don't understand the limitations on actually writing code for this jam.

Thanks for trying it out. I was having a problem where the direction of each move was being averaged with the direction of the last one but I thought I had fixed it. Also if a faster moving object hits you at the same time then (usually) it moves in the direction that box is moving. I'm thinking of adding more things like a procedrural dungeon crawl mechanic and scoring and stuff after voting ends though so I'll take a look. The code is a bit of a mess rn due to everything that got added during the last 3 hours before submission

I like this game more than my game honestly. Couldn't get windows version to work but html5 version works great and is amazing

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I can hit run all I want on this game and literally nothing happens, not even an error message. It just claims to be running until I force close it.

edit: This is only when attempting to run through the app. If you go into the program folder and launch the game from there it will run fine. 

Sorry, you don't start out in control of any of the little guys. You have to hit one of the buttons (x, y, or b on controller or comma, period or slash on keyboard) in order to take control of one of them

This is amazing, the only hang ups I have are  targeting (I noticed I aim up and down sometimes but I'm not sure what causes it because it doesn't seem to be tied to the controls in anyway) and the absence of controller support... oh and also that this looks better than mine and I'm jealous. Grade A work.