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Still searching. Hit me up!

Thanks for Rectitude! These sky backgrounds look really great!

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Hi, I’m looking for a cool group to join for a Video Game Jam. I’ve been bitten by the bug of creating and designing videogames, and I would like to take part in a creative collaborative effort to create something awesome and unique. I very much enjoy collaborating and working within a team of independent creatives aspiring towards a goal.

My main skills for a team would be audio/music dev for sure. I’ve been writing for decades (see below), and VGM of the past is directly influential to the style of music I produce today, with over 20 years experience/skill. Music should speak for itsself, so please listen below. My greatest asset for a small team developing for a Video Game Jam would be the breakneck speed of which I can produce a variety of tracks. Over 20 years of skill development in terms of workflow within a DAW plus musical composition means I can fly through creating quality thematic material. Also bring along thousands worth of legit purchased pro-grade VSTs (plugins) for all aspects of audio engineering including SFX and VO, and a familiarity with FMOD.

Music/Audio - Main Asset -

Conceptualized Pixelart Chiptune Stylized (lighthearted upbeat)

Conceptualized Boss Music (futuristic)

Conceptualized Orchestral Overworld Music (fantasy)

A Collection of 20 tracks written for VGM (futuristic/dystopic themed)

Just some straight up raw angry Dubstep

My skill at creating art assets isn’t as developed, not having spent as much time creating art as I have music. That said, I own an assortment of tools and have worked on developing my skill within pixel and voxel art styles. I’ve produced an assortment of 2D art assets including parallax backgrounds and character model/animations and 3D voxel model/animations. (see below) My skills in creating art outside of 2D pixel/3D voxel is more limited in scope. My main art asset in a Jam team would be retexturing, taking art assets and reworking them into multiple new assets. (take one animated walking character and turn it into 5 animated walking characters)

2D/3D Art, Modeling, Animation - Side Asset -

2D Isometric Male Pixel (Animated set-idle)

2D Parallax Scene Movement (the gif format made it look wavey, looks fluid in Unity)

3D Goose Voxel (Animated-waddle)

3D Goose Voxel (Animated-run)

3D Voxel Fox (Animated-idle)

3D Voxel Scene In Unity

3D Voxel Scene w/particle fire (animated)

As for programming/scripting, this would be my lowest asset. While I am currently learning python scripting and know just the smallest bit about C, scripting is easilest my weakest link when it comes to VGD. I feel like I can bring a lot to a team for a game jam and being up front with my weak abilities is the best thing to be. According to the rules of this site, I want to do an Itchio jam. For my first game jam, I would like to take on a project that is est between 1 week to 1 month to complete. I don’t think I am ready for a 24 or 48hr game jam yet.

If you would like to try to work together, reply here or msg me and we can figure out where to go from there!

Hey, composer of jams for a good long while now. I just recently compiled a bunch of my material I specifically wrote for VGM and released it. If you want to check it out, I put it up on Bandcamp.

I have always loved the idea of composing music for VGM, I’ve began looking into FMOD to see what it is about, but the reason for my post is…How should I compose an profile page to kind of promote my stuff? I would really love to work with VGDs, I have just a ton of legit pro quality audio tools at my disposal, willing to work on music, SFX, VOs, you name it. So I would really love a profile page on itch that reflects that. But I dont know anything about CSS, or even stylistically what I should do.

So I guess I’m posting general guidance tips on making a catchy profile page specifically geared towards composers. Any tips? Thanks in advance.