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Thank you again (✿◡‿◡)

Thank you very much (❁´◡`❁)

Hi :) thank you very much for this. This is a great idea to help indie developers :)  I subscribed to your channel and put it on my Featured Channel on youtube. I have not many subscribers but I hope this will also help you a little :

Have a nice weekend ╰(*°▽°*)╯

Thank you for your feedback.

I create my game with the engine BladeCoder ( It's a very interesting tool to create adventure point & click games. 


I released on itch 4 new games. There are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

Don't hesitate to tell me what you think of these games. This year I will normally do the following of Celestwald. 

Fantasiant adventure- The inhabitants of Fantasiant have summoned you ... they even call you the great "Hero" and ask you to collect the magical gems scattered on their lands before they release powerful and dangerous energy.


Celestwald adventure - Master Theo, a great but old alchemist, wants to have an apprentice to help him to take care of the magical tree Celestwald. To satisfy him, complete many quests and missions and solve countless puzzles! 


Tiny Story 5 adventure - Lizzy and the little fairies,  a cute and interesting point-and-click adventure. Help Lizzy to cure her seek mother.

Tiny Story 5

Cats in the box adventure - Help the cats to complete their goals. There are 6 cute and fun games, one for each cat.

Cats in the box adventure

Tip top! J'ai également corrigé la version pour MacOs.

Amusez-vous bien :)!


Merci beaucoup pour votre feedback et votre support, ça fait vraiment plaisir! En effet, ces dernières années c'est plutôt la mode des jeux style horreur ou déprimant; je préfère faire des jeux plutôt mignons qui mette du baume au coeur!

Je suis également fan de jeu point and click des années 90/2000, j'adorais y jouer quand j'étais petite sur PC et plus tard à Tiny Thief ou Machinarium sur tablette. C'est un peu un rêve de pouvoir en créer moi-même, même si mes jeux restent assez simples et moins élaborés que ceux des "grands". 

Très bonne journée :) 


Je réponds en français :), c'est également plus simple pour moi :).

Désolée pour ce problème.  J'ai mis à disposition la version avec le JRE Bundle pour Tiny Story 1 Demo et version complète (les autres vont suivre). Vous pouvez télécharger le nouveau ZIP, l'extraire et double cliquer sur le fichier tinyStory-desktop-4.2.jar pour lancer le jeu.

Je vais également vérifier pourquoi la version .exe n'inclut pas le JRE.


I fixed the issue with a new version "Tiny Story 1 JRE Bundle" that includes the JRE. To run the game, just unzip the files, and double click on the file tinyStory-desktop-4.2.jar.  It should work fine now.


Tiny Story 3 & 4 point-and-click adventure games are now available. You need to solve the puzzles and complete quests.

TS3 - Wolfy and the missing sea

You wake up a morning and discover that the sea disappeared ... what happened? Solve this mystery...


TS4 - Mimy brokes by accident a precious glassflower

The witch can help you with the creation of the magic potion that will cure the glassflower... but where is the witch? 


The trailers of the two games and some screenshots:


Tiny Story 1 adventure is a cute and interesting point-and-click adventure. Choose one of the 5 heroes and start your adventure on Tiny Island.

You can download the demo version or buy the full game.

Hello! Yes, I will release the other parts of the series here soon :)