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Not bad! I love the take on classic flappy bird format. Could definitely see this working in a hyper-casual context if that's what you're going for.

Love it.

Awesome Xonix-like! Brings a modern twist to the classic and multiplayer to boot! You have to play the first few levels before it teaches you the capture mechanic, and then the nostalgia sets in hard! Good job looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Wow! Love the graphics update! Great sounds as well, and particles!

Was it the clown?? I can't figure it out :( Must get to the bottom of this...

It's an awesome MVP! I played a bit and it's got a good foundation. Only two comments:

1) Weapon reload time should be faster (since you can't stay in the location very long before getting swarmed)
2) Even slower slowdown when selecting function.

If you make it easier now and focus on making it fun, then when you want to up the difficulty you can revert those two things.

Just my opinion. Hope it was helpful!

I lol'd at the ending 🤣

Starting to get the hang of it.

1 thought for improvement - when leaving the map by mistake, if the controls are breaking randomly, somehow make sure the turning doesn't break first? While still learning the game this would be a little more forgiving. I know I can fix it but I panic and try turning and die.

Been following your work for a while. This game is gorgeously simple and executed brilliantly. Can't wait to see where it goes from here!

Love the vibes of this game!

Is it just me or are the beats a little bit off compared to the melody?

A quick suggestion for improvemet: my eyes are focused on the line where I need to press, so it's hard to tell if I'm hitting/missing since the feedback is in the center of the screen. I recommend giving the feedback close to the focal point (as well as the growing plant so I can watch it grow while I play!)

Great job guys!

I get this error when I try to run the game :(

Fantastic. Great work as always Lonebot. Can't believe you got it this polished and 15 well-balanced levels in one jam. It's an honor to share a country with you :D

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Damn you Idan

Oh man this is great! Remind me of having to move between stations in Lover's In A Dangerous Spacetime. Simple concept, fantastic execution, 10/10 will recommend.

Love the water effect. Very chill. I can run forever and never get bored.