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Amicable Animal

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Thanks so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed it :D

Thanks very much, it's lovely to hear that you enjoyed it! If you want to beat the creator, my best score is 102 ;)

Thanks so much! It's great to finally launch a 'finished' game on here.

Cheers for making such a nice/interesting  space, too!

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Hi all! Just wanted to let you know that I've launched my first proper game as the following link:
(There is a free WebGL demo on the page, and downloadable Win/Mac/Linux versions for $2)

Central Limit Theorem is a survival shooter where you have to protect your core for as long as you can from the shapes attacking it. It's a quick, simple, stressful, high-score shooter designed to be played between other, more substantial games. Take a look:

Each enemy starts with a unique behaviour (they can shoot, weave, or orbit) and they each leave a different coloured ink on the playfield. When another enemy crosses this ink later it will learn the behaviours of those that went before! The more ink, the more difficult the game becomes!

* IDGA Scotland Community Choice Award (Edinburgh Winner 2018) *

I hope you enjoy it!

- Amicable Animal