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Thanks a lot :D 

You will receive them between tomorrow and year 2666 be patient :p

Wow thanks a lot for playing and also making a video of you playing ! its awesome :D 

Thanks a lot ! :D 

Thanks a lot ! Yeah we made it in only 3 days it was hard like sleeping at 7am two days and making music at 2am with neighbourg yelling after us ahah ! 

Thanks !! :D 

Thanks dude !! :D 

Yeah totally !!! 
Thanks alot :D 

Ahah thanks a lot :D 

The instrument I used was "Lead Castlevania" ahah !

Thanks for the feedback during your stream and again here its really appreciate ! I will add you later on discord if you're okay :D 

Ahah thanks :p

5 hours its really impressive even with Square characters ;) 

Really nice job here !! 

Its really nice ! Insane graphics and gameplay is well found !! 

Really nice !! 

Nice one !!

Look really nice ! !

Face some trouble first to launch it but after all I succeed :) Cool game ^^

Really nice game ! :D 

Thank your very much :D 

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Thanks a lot yours also look Cool I will try it after my work :D 

Thanks a lot :D We are really invested blood and tears in this one ahah :p 

Yeah !

Wow this is reaaaaally nice to hear that !! I really appreciate to know that I choose well the correct value for each control ahah ! Thanks very much ;D 

Thanks a lot ! :D 

Thanks very much :D 

Thanks a lot !!! really appreciate ! :D 
for the twitter here it is :D :

Thanks a lot ! :D 

Thanks a lot, its always a pleasure to see your twitch lives ! and thanks for the live feedback ! :D

Really nice !! The graphics effect are awesome !! 

Waouh ! Really nice one !! :D I love the go back effect when you change the direction :p 

Really nice art style ! 2D + 3D is really mixed up ! Nice game ! :D

Nice one ! Simple but efficient !  :D 

This is a reeaaaally nice game !! Really good job on that ! :D I really liked that all look pseudo randomly generated each time, also the concept of time ( and killing ennemy boost timer ) is really nice ! How did you manage to generate unique seed ? ( this is nice too even if I didnt find how to use it doesnt matter cause I think its hard to manage in game jam time but let taste good thing for the future :D )

I tried to play it but the game doenst run on my brower :/

Thanks a lot ! :D yeah we couldnt decide what color put on the skates ahah ! so we decided to let the player choose :D 
And yeah I tried to put a shake screen on the camera but too much script behavior on the camera cause this weird movement I thinked it was not a big problem so I let it for now :p

Thanks a lot !! :D 

Niiice Thanks a lot ! :D Let me know your highscore :D 

Really thanks I take lot of time to enhance the control ahah Its reaaaally appreciate !! :D Thanks for the art too :D !! 

Thanks !! Yeah I think we will :D ( maybe make more level and enhance some stuff  ^^)

Thanks :D