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Great game! Would love to see you guys do a follow up even if it's not related to this story.

Thanks! I appreciate the comments. Keep up the good work! :)

have at it good sir


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Dude I literally LOL'd. Good Job! 

Wow youre snese of humour is pretty bad if you found this funny

Hey! This has got some real potential. 

So one thing I would suggest is adding some sort of ability to "stick" to a wall, kind of like how you hold down the lctrl to not transfer surfaces. I think that would help alleviate some frustration with the platforming. That and some control tweaks.

I'd recommend checking out Aliens VS Predator 2 and the Aliens VS Predator reboot. They both have Alien campaigns which primarily focus on shifting from surface to surface by sticking to them. They let you climb on walls, ceilings, etc. Might help with the design of this game. 

It'll be cool to see what you do with this. 

Needs some tweaking, but it's cool how you basically made two games for the Jam. 

Nice sprite work too. Minimalist in a good way.

Wow! So your art is so wonderful. 

I think you should consider a more significant consequence for miscounting fish or at least an alternate mode of play that adds that punishing element. 

This actually reminds of me of many music games so far so I think leaning in that direction by having some sort of song play better the more fish you count correctly could be a good idea. 

Looking forward to seeing where you take this!

I liked the art and the educational structure of the game. 

I think you should display the score while the player is in the game instead of just after.

Also the music and the sky changing was a nice touch.

Pretty neat so far! I like the main gist encouraging development of both houses and trees. Right now I think it needs some balancing. It's too easy to start racking up thousands of coins. Perhaps if fires were more devastating than that could help. 

I have to admit though... First time the fire popped up it freaked me out though. 

Good job!