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Reallly fun game! 

I think the AI is faster actually...I just did a simple go vertically down, and we went at the same time...the AI is faster.

Oh, were u allowed to submit an already made game?

view the itch page pls for this thing. thx

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, we are aware of the jumping being a bit too low and maybe introducing features to the player before putting them against challenges. We intend to update the game after the jam! Thanks for your feedback once again!

P.S: I rlly enjoyed stramb

The Nightscape Dev Team

Liked the music!

Had troubles with the controls. But, other than that 👍

I remember seeing the vid on discord u sent! It has come a long way sice then!  great job !

Nice game!

No clue what am meant to be doing, but art looks good

Nice game


Nice concept

...creative concept...

Physics were reallllllly good and satisfying. Art is simple, but wholesome. Great job!

The game is well thought through, art is appealing and sound is great. However, physoics could be improved and certain mechanics like the jump, were extreeemely difficult for me. Good game at the end of the day. Keep it up!

Looks pretty cool, has some bugs, but with more time, sure cld turn out great!

Nice! Great work!

Nice game

Ccool concept, but lil bit too fast. good work nonethelss

Let me know when fix is ready, thanks

nice could be improved tho..anyways, its all about trying! so Good job!

Nice mechanic

Music was pretty good. Nice work.

haha billy go brr

lol...its horrific

Wish you good luck in ur art adventures! (-:

Cool game! Even though the art was installed from a unity package, it was still a fun game nonetheless.  Good work! Keep it up! (-:

Thanks Michael, really liked Shrunk too!

nice, but ai is realy difficult

Reaallllly good gameplay!!! I had a great time playing this! very smooth and polished

Cool game concept! Difficulty curve cld be improved tho tbh

We are aware that the jump is a bit too low, and will update once the jam ends! Thanks, and please enjoy our game. We hope you can give us a good rating! Thanks - one of the developers of Nightscape


Like animations! really wholesome.

I love the art, esp trees lol. Good game, but maybe camera has to improve and also difficulty might be a bit hard for some.. but good work

Solid, but lighting was quite annoying

very cool!

thats probs cuz u hit the doesnt least when I play it