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Hey, thanks for your comments - this made my day!

I hope your next game of ACP is as fun as the first :) 

I ran EFDI for four players in my group last month and had a great time!

We ended up splitting the game into 3 sessions of around 2-3 hours and even then we rushed the ending a bit to finish it up. There really is a lot of potential for storytelling with all the content provided for the GM.

Our story was a classic 'experiments gone wrong' cover up where the dinos were being bred as weapons under the cover of a theme park - and the company was trying to wipe out the evidence. Even using the tropes we had a unique and memorable adventure.

I used a free Miro board to run the game - the map in the middle, player sheets on the right and resources such as the list of dinos on the left. Then all the GM stuff far below.