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This game is very good and very competitive lol

very cool, strong vibe.  I was trying to use that long box from the second story to circumnavigate the walls. Wasn't successful

I've always loved roguelikes and have never been good at them.  I have played this for longer than I'd like to admit and have never made it to the end, but it seems to idealize the genre better than other roguelikes i've played.  The chaos and customization is fantastic. good job

dang, this is intense and fantastic.  I really like the idea of the magic grind rails moving you around, but I think adding in a balance system could be fun so it was more interactive than a rollercoaster.  Fantastic aesthetics and voice effects and all that.  That boss is quality creepy.  Will follow the development!

dang this was a pretty good game.  The first 6 levels were very good at introducing and the last 2 made me think. Very good :)

I think i've solved it lol. Good game, congratulations!

I recently submitted a unicycle themed game and was wondering what other unicycle themed games there were and found yours lol.

The art was good and the game made me feel good inside lol.  Great job.  Whenever the whole screen cleared I got excited, but was never really sure if that was an immediate bell effect or a delayed affect of the reverse controls bell.  Very engaging

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I liked the art and the core mechanic where you must attempt to manually shoot your dragon's fire in a safe direction to prevent damage to the valley, though in the game I was not entirely sure what the down sides to burning the sheep were.  

I think this game could see the most improvement with maybe even a bit stronger attraction towards the sheep, some animation on the dragon, a sound effect when the you take damage ( I sometimes didn't notice )

Good entry :)

btw the trees looked very good and the sheep were cute

the last day was pretty hype.  I was like "hmm, there are a lot of good cards here," then i looked at the sea cards.  way to go, fantastic entry.

yup, the sound stuff was my fault.  Was fiddling with sound near due time and couldn't figure out how to update a currently playing track in time.  Oof. Thanks for playing!

Lol this was good.  I had assumed you couldn't make the cars swerve into the pedestrians until i did it on accident lol.  That was awesome

This game looks really good.  the 3d font is pretty sweet.  I think i would like to try this game playing with arrow keys, also e makes you get big and I wasn't sure if i was supposed to be able to do that lol.  

However i did feel properly out of control lol was always hyped to mostly just fly out of the level and try and land back on the blue. Good job

That is the forbidden jellyfish technique. It is blasphemy against the unicycle. 

I sincerely apologize lol, thanks for hating it :P

This was a fantastic game.  I loved sneaking around trying to figure out where the glasses were lol.  In one of the levels, i basically just ran around with my eyes closed until i bumped into the glasses, but then the last level you really had to hunt. That was fun.  I think if there were directional sound and maybe some different footstep sounds and consequences for knocking certain things over, it could be pretty cool.  Though flying around looking at walls was also awesome.  Great game, I would be hyped for more levels.

I could almost smell crayons

This was amazing.  I loved that you kept going back and forth through the area that you built

This was really well thought out.  Great game

This was pretty cool.  And looked very good

The art is so good, I want to love it, but i had no idea what happened when the game starts.  I'm immediately hit with an ax and these green people seem to take all my lives at once.  But the art was so good lol that was amazing

my character did a lot of screaming to handle the bad thoughts
"a" drag drop "aaa"  drag drop "aaaaaaaaaaa" drag drop

lol it was good though.  After a while i wasn't sure what i was walking around for.  It would be nice maybe if there were fewer bad thoughts but a specific response for them.

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This was a very good game.  I would love to see your character saving the facing direction instead of always facing right unless you press down+left.  
Other than that, I was engaged through the whole game and would have happily played more even if it were longer.  I think would be a good game to keep developing post jam. Great job!

Dang that built in tutorial was really good. I like how the enemy is just there the whole time and then you wake it up lol.  Though i think if the tutorial is not already done, it should disappear when the first hydra is killed because I frequently just played with the remainders of the tutorial still on screen to start again faster lol.

good game

Dang this game went from like 0 to 100 so quick lol.  I made it to 20 and the only change was right from d->f and then between there and 24 my controls switched to some crazy arrangement of zgfb lol.  This is a pretty great idea.

oh dang lol 5 mins to deadline is insane.  We were worried the servers might falter and submitted very early lol.  Yeah, no judgement from me on missing features lol i know how the jam do.  Good job

wow this was a very unique and interesting game.

I wasn't able to beat this.  It would be nice if maybe there were levels that started smaller.  Or maybe like in minesweeper where you choose the size of the board.
But very good, it was a lot of fun

This is incredibly unique.  Good game!

Thanks, we worked a *while* on getting those physics to feel decent

well good job, I was able to beat it eventually.  Those checkpoints were a good call

I love how trashed your car gets when you run into a wall lol.

I liked this game.  I died quite a bit around 25m i think lol

The game looked and sounded amazing.
My computer almost exploded lol.  The sky was raining cactus and birds were screaming and BEHOLD there was a flying glowing block!
I also wasn't entirely certain what the bad plants were but it felt good to play.

That must have been the ultra secret "tru" ending where you die lol