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Alper Özgün Yeşil

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this game is hot and super and (somehow) baba!

one of the best shit on this site <3 hats off!



bombing them like there is no tomorrow!

Looks so yummy! 

I'll take it as an assasination to my diet... 

it was full of mundane yet extremely special moments.  TurnFollow always manages to create something magical, Well done guys.<3

play this song in my funeral or i'll haunt you forever...

POKKO community · Created a new topic <3 <3


ultra lovely <3


thank you!!


It was so sweet. I am sorry for your loss Ludipe.


hani oyun!

Is there any chance to get Html or Mac version? Curiosity is killing me right now!

I loved it!! The idea, the stylization, atmosphere! Great!

Nice touch!

Haha! Awe-fucking-some!

Then "i cannot play it even once" at least for a while :D

Hay senin Windows sevdana!


he also f..cked my keyboard.

better than no man's sky <3

genius! <3


sooo good!


(1 edit)

here is my record as pressing the button all the time (without take away my finger from left mouse button (like there is no tomorrow :D )) - i love the game! 


so sick <3 

agh! sweet taste of depression...

ultra sweet <3

Great idea <3

one of the best things in the <3


i felt the same for a two minutes.. since it's a ggj game  it's pretty natural-making things easy to "read" is another effort, sometimes can take much more time than creation of the game. - but i think it's worth to play and finish the game.

what a wonderful message for "simple" game. bravo!

I'll check again asap! thank you for your attention!