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Thank you for playing. These are great suggestions too! :D

Please add Blake Strongflank.

The primary purpose of the game is to explore at your own pace and discover what you can find. Based on what you've said, I don't think you've found everything in this version. Best of luck and thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Huge amount of fun, lovely movement, very clever puzzles that become more difficult one by one. Can't wait to see more!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for your kind words! I'm really glad you enjoyed playing the game. I will bear your ideas in mind if and when I make the final version.

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it. Which endings did you find?

Looks great!

The immortal struggle of human versus sadness. Play on a trackpad for an even greater challenge.

Haha, I can't believe you found Mario! I think you might be the first or only person to do that. Excellent work.

The secrets exist to unlock a final world of ludicrously difficult levels. In the full version you would be confronted with an end screen where you can go right to the Exit for the basic ending or head left through the secret door (provided you had found all the purple screens) and take on the final 10 levels. 

I'm not actively working on the full version of Blake at the moment due to a couple of different external factors but it is something I would love to come back and complete one day.

Thank you for your kind words and I'm really glad you enjoyed the controls and the movement - it's the part I was most focused on when I made it.

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Naked Lee Panic is a game in active development. There will be bugs and imperfections and many improvements to be made.

If you spot something that you think should be changed, improved or updated in a future build, please share your thoughts here!

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Hello cookie0329, thank you for playing and for your feedback! :D

Not downloaded this yet but just discovered it. Concept, execution and visual looks so damn fun that my inner child is backflipping! Will check back in when I've played it.


I remember the video, it was great! Would love to see you play more.

Thanks for playing! Awesome job. I know you can finish it - keep going

Thanks for playing. Glad you enjoyed it!

Let me know if you want any hints to get past 408

Thanks for the review and the awesome score! I challenge you to finish it, I know you can do it...


Thank you so much for playing. Glad you enjoyed it. I wanted it to feel like an old skool shareware game, back in the days of arrow key games.

I think I'll that little pixel gap in. The way I see it, if you've got the skills to do it, it should be allowed

There's lots of little references in there. How far did you get?

Thanks for playing guys! Really enjoyed the video. Thinking I should rename the game "Damnit!" 😃

Thank you for playing. Really glad you enjoyed it so far. You can quick restart after you die by pressing R on your keyboard or the back button on a 360 pad. Let me know if you're still stuck on 909 and want a hint! 😃

Hi there,

Thank you for the awesome feedback, all really good points that I'll bear in mind for the full version.

Glad you enjoyed the game and got the best of the puzzley type gameplay.

Look forward to sharing the full version with you!

Oh. One thing. Did you find any of the secrets? ;)

There are 9 secret rooms. One for every world.

Great work on beating it. Hope you had fun!

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Thanks for playing and for the excellent feedback!

Great work on finishing the levels. Did you find any of the secret rooms?

Thanks man! Really enjoyed the video. Can't wait to see you tackle some of the real monstrously tricky rooms.

International Blake the Jet Setter! Hmm, there's a sequel in there somewhere.

Thanks for playing!

Hey! Great work getting so far. It's all down to super specific timing. You have to jump up the wall with the red pipe overhang, wall jump left at the last minute then air jump to loop all the way over to the right.

You just have to get the timing just right, not too early and not too late.

Good luck! :D

Thanks for playing! How far did you get?

It's a quick wall jump off the left side, then key thing is to save your double jump until you're about to hit the red pipe.

Good luck!

Hey! Great work on getting so far.

Are you stuck trying to get to the terminal or trying to get back after switching off the electric?

Awesome work! You've got some real skills to beat the game in one sitting.

Thank you for the excellent, in depth feedback. I'm going to bear all of this in mind for the full version.

Can't wait to see what you think of the final 10 levels! :D

Cheers man! Thanks for playing. How far have you got so far?

Awesome work! Congratulations!

The full version will have an extra 10 ultra hard levels to keep you on your toes.

Thank you for playing, please share with anyone who you think might like it too!

And keep an eye out on Twitter, @almostgames for updates on the full version!

Thank you for the kind words and for the feedback on the controls. I'm going to look into how to make the wall jump mechanics more clear. Can you suggest anything that would have helped you?

No problem! It's the down arrow by default but you can remap it on the settings screen.


Thanks for giving it a go! It's definitely on the tougher side. Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for playing! Looks like you're hitting the jump button to wall jump and you're using up your air jump too early. Try just moving away from the wall to wall jump, then you should have you air jump left over.

Very happy to announce that Blake Strongflank is now free to download on!

It's a room by room 2D platformer puzzle game - it's super difficult but super rewarding. It will keep kicking you in the ass BUT when you complete a level, you'll feel like an absolute hero

I hope you enjoy it!

All feedback is good feedback.