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Interesting game. Would be cool if you added posable ragdoll humans :D

it was short but i liked it also i think u did something wrong i had a lot of fun :P lol great game man

hey yeah no problem bro and great to hear i'd rather not get in touch on discord, but we can comment on eachothers people projects, but perhaps we could message eachother on itch if theres a way to do that

is this game going to be worked on anymore? would love to see some updates!

This might be worded wrongly, but if you hide the mouse and use the Mouse Pointer Lock extension, you can rotate the camera on the X and Y using MouseMovementX() and MouseMovementY() (or something like that.)
If you want it so he doesnt just walk straight into where you are looking (aka if you want a minecraft like game) you would make a cube, and set the cameras position to that cube at every frame, then position the cube for moving and rotate the camera for the head looking around. Sorry. That's a lot. Hopefully that helped!

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thanks for your feedback, yes it technically is a bug but i noticed on any touchscreen devices it is basically impossible without that, so i kept it.

if you do challenge mode you can also find hazard blocks! and i will be removing the bow sometime probably and replacing it with some other special block edit: but right now i will be working on an RPG game you should wait for before I will edit any existing games probably so stay tuned :D edit after that edit awhile later: uh yeah i gave up on the RPG thing actually because i noticed how much of a commitment it is but I actually found a different game idea that will work a lot better

yea basically

why did this game give me creepy vibes even though it's just bookshelves lol

maybe because you can close your eyes and they move

would be a good base for a funny jumpscare

....or maybe there is one i haven't even jumped a meter yet lol

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Or maybe I could remake the game with the editor I use and texture and things, if you allow me to obviously

This game idea is epic, interesting art style, fun to play!

If you are ever going to work on this again

you should maybe add some stuff and change some things (you don't have to :p)

  1. Make it so that when you finish a level it moves to the next level instead of putting you back at the menu
  2. Make the levels bigger
  3. Music!
  4. More levels, if you want :)

i don't know how but this is actually pretty fun\

no sarcasm i would recommend this litterally no jok

when you legit sweep straight into a wrecker LOL

nice game! the low-res, mouse-drawn graphics design is also really nice

lol me too even after reading these i almost jumped out of my chair

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plus i got a score of around 20 on endless

(edit: 42 lol)

found a good pattern so you don't run out of orbs

Did you like the Demo?

Post a comment for your feedback!

tried this game, extremely fun! would also highly recommend, almost like a little hidden jewel! :)

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holy crap these bonus levels are hard but i finished the first one (edit) and the second one

and really nice and fun game gj

but no one else has for 11 days till now :D

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those are some cute graphics

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i like that idea, the graphics are nice

keep up the good work

interesting idea, but the spiders look freaky lol

really fun but really challenging

was having a little bit of trouble at first probably because of a little bit of a delay before able to grapple

it also could use some music but i guess this is a demo version so it is not finished

good game, i hope to see improvements!

that is really nice, good job :)

yes we all do lol

i like pepperoni bacon and ham but nothing else really

even just bacon or just pepperoni or just ham is really good too

Ball Roller - Full Game

Ball Roller - Full Game

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Hey everyone! Today I created a studios (and obviously, a game!) a day ago! It is my first game ever so I am quite excited for any sales :)


It includes a physical ball and it uses a topdown viewpoint. The game itself is quite simple, avoid the lasers, get whacked around by spinners, get keys to unlock doors, and use stars to remove some lasers! I have played my own game 10 times by now o.o

(You can find more screenshots on the page)

One of levels

one of the levels


the menu

The challenge is to do it as fast as you can, but I didn't implement a timer :(

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Make sure to leave a comment even if you didn't buy the game!

This is my first game ever published so any money I am very grateful for!

thank you for your comment

thank you for your comment

thank you @nugthan