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Allen 'Maask' Lavenera

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To be fair, if there is something as mighty as the gods, you should put a darker and foreboding theme to it. I dont think the chiptune happy theme really suits with being cursed by the heavens. There are a few issues I can point out besides that, but good concept.

Alrighty! I wish you well in these times and your path!

This game is amazing! Maybe this can be the first chapter to a even bigger game! And for the evolution abilty, maybe add a evo count for how many times a character has evolved, if it reaches the max, it will allow them to take a bigger and more powerful form!

This is amazing! I can tell this need some extra development in a few aspects, but the overall concept is what you nailed! This can become something great with perseverance. ^_^

Hey this game is amazing! Although I saw in one of your comments that you may not be making any new major updates. It would be nice to consider a few ideas to add if you think about coming back!

1. A customization upgrade, put clothing and hats on your subjects!

2. A battle mode where it is similar to Pokemon in a way!

3. Comics or Stories of the interactions of the anomalies (or addendum if you like.)

4. Interaction and testing with other anomalies

5. Working with different genomes (since this is with colors, why not add elements?)

I can see this game teeming with potential if you want to do anything more with this game. You don't have to, but it would be interesting additions to the game!

I hope your well in these times!