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I didn't read the tutorial text so I kept dodging the arrows by switching lanes and died like 5 times hahah. Then I noticed you can duck to avoid them and beat it.

Cute and fun little game, you guys did a great job!

my game:

I dig it. Like others said I think punch is overpowered. Balanced, in a way, by draining your energy but I don't think that's the right way to do it. If that was the intention.

One thing I really, really, disliked was the incredibly slow walk speed. Which would have been fine, if you could still sprint (even if it was just half sprint speed, but still faster than walking) even at 0 energy.

I couldn't play a full length game with my main character walking that slow. You can run in every single survival horror/stealth game that I can think of without having to worry about energy, and at most they'd give you plenty of time before you ran out of breath.

If it were me, I'd make 0 energy run speed faster than walk speed. Not enough to get away from chasing guards but enough to make traveling less tedious.

Anyways, still a good game. I'll check it out on its full release.

Really good stuff here!

Lovely art, especially the choice in colours. Wonderful writing, a bit spooky/creepy but definitely not a scary game. Kinda hard to describe. Short and sweet, with a great ending. Reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe and maybe a touch of Stephen King in its narrative. The puzzle platform gameplay is nothing revolutionary but it's serviceable and serves the plot extremely well.

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Friend recommended this to me, haven't played it yet but it looks great! Felt like I had to drop by and leave a comment since I saw you also did STOWAWAY, which I really enjoyed.

Surprised I missed this once since I've been following your page since the release of that game.

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Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate it!

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This project is on hold for now, but we are going to finish it. We just don't know when that will be. Thanks for the interest and making a video of it!

Quite enjoyed this little game, good work!

Love the atmosphere and visuals. Great use of sound as well.

Loved the 2001 theme, well executed along with the humor and mystery theme. Enjoyed the writing and the graphics were basic but did their job well. Audio was mostly on point but that voice acting...oof. Great game though, loved it.

My favorite one so far, great job.